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The photo shows three apprentices in a BMW work shop.


Do you want to become part of a large team where everyone is valued, and fun is not neglected? Then you are just right with us. Our job finder gives you an overview of all apprenticeships you can currently apply for. Of course, you can also find out about our various occupations and locations below on this page without obligation– at any time outside of the application period.

If you are still unsure which professions are suitable for you, then let our apprenticeship finder help you. This tool suggests suitable professions depending on your interests and school qualifications. With our wide range, you can be sure to find the apprenticeship that really suits you!

Discover our apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship with a future.

Have you ever thought about starting an apprenticeship in IT or electrical engineering? No? Then it's the time! We'll tell you what advantages and future prospects an apprenticeship in these fields offers you – and what you should bring with you.


The image shows two apprentices sitting next to a car.


After you have completed your apprenticeship in one of our plants, we guarantee that you will be offered a permanent contract.

The image shows two apprentices in an office environment.


As an apprentice, we offer you a high basic salary, as well as holiday and Christmas bonuses, additional pension and profit-sharing!

The image shows two apprentices standing next to their cars.


With us, you have the opportunity to rent or buy your dream car on particularly favourable apprentice conditions.

The image shows a BMW apprentice waiting for the tube to arrive.


Apprentices and dual students who travel to work by public transport receive a free "Deutschlandticket" (at almost all locations). We also pay an allowance for travel to the vocational school or university.

The image shows two BMW employees working in the kitchen.


As an apprentice, you can look forward to a daily changing menu in our company restaurants. Further, various snacks and hot drinks are offered in the company's cafés. This is a particularly good way to spend the breaks together!

The image shows two apprentices in front of a MINI throwing confetti.


Foreign assignments and assignments at other national locations, fitness and leisure activities, employee discounts and personal promotion – these are just some of our other benefits.

An apprenticeship at the BMW Group means...

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#1 Driving your dream car.

You can already drive your dream car during your training.

As an apprentice at the BMW Group, you benefit from numerous benefits such as flexible working hours as well as attractive training renumeration including holiday and Christmas pay. In addition, sheer driving pleasure starts for you from the very first day! Because with us you have the opportunity to rent or buy your dream car at particularly favourable conditions.

Das Bild zeigt einen herzlich lachenden Azubi auf einem Motorrad.

#2 Fun at work.

It is important to us that you have fun and enjoy your work.

Spoilt for choice: from Production Mechanic to IT Specialist  to Mechatronics Expert – our offering for school leavers is just as diverse as your own strengths and talents. The choice is entirely up to you! What do all our apprenticed trades have in common? Fun!

Das Bild zeigt einen Azubi am Laptop in einem Fahrzeug.

#3 Job security.

We offer you job security.

Jobs of the future and a job guarantee: are you looking for an apprenticeship trade that will still have good employment opportunities in a few years? Whether vehicles, machines or systems – our world is full of technology, it is constantly changing and becoming more modern. As a BMW Group apprentice, you will be contributing to the development of tomorrow’s cars and shaping the future of the BMW Group. In addition, after successful completing their final exams, all apprentices at BMW Group plants are offered a permanent contract.

Das Bild zeigt eine Gruppe von Azubis, die sich angeregt unterhalten.

#4 Teamspirit.

Team spirit characterises your everyday working life with us.

We work together, inspire each other and support one another. Whether working alongside one another or within learning groups preparing for exams: you are always part of a big  team where everyone knows everyone else, has time for one another and helps and supports each other.

Das Bild zeigt zwei Fertigungsmechanikerinnen in der Werkstatt.

#5 Girl Power.

In our company, girls have conquered all areas of technology long time ago.

Girls and technology do not mix? Are you kidding? As a Toolmaker you transform technical ideas into reality, as a Machining Mechanic you demonstrate your precision skills down to the millimetre, and as a Foundry Mechanic you put everything into shape. And also in our other technical skilled occupations many girls already demonstrate their strengths and talents.

Das Bild zeigt zwei Auszubildende in der Produktionshalle.

#6 Study alternative.

An apprenticeship at the BMW Group is a real alternative to studying.

The decision between apprenticeships or academic studies is not a question of more or less. It is a question of choosing between two equally important paths to professional success. Get an overview of our qualifying apprenticeships and you will soon realise that it doesn't always have to be a university degree.


Apprenticeships and dual curriculums.
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What our apprentices say.

Das Bild zeigt einen angehenden Informatikkaufmann bei BMW vor einer vollbeschriebenen Tafel.

"I chose a profession in IT because it’s a profession with a future! During our apprenticeship we already have the opportunity to shape the future of BMW.“

Apprentice as Digitalisation Specialist.

Auf dem Bild ist eine Auszubildende zur Kfz-Mechatronikerin bei BMW zu sehen, die ihrem Kollegen etwas am Laptop zeigt.

"I like working with the other apprentices and trainers. And if I get stuck, I always have someone I can approach, no matter the problem."

Apprentice as Vehicle Mechatronics Expert.

Auf dem Bild ist ein junger Auszubildender zum Mechatroniker bei BMW zu sehen, der eine Schutzbrille trägt.

"I love working with the machines. We’ve got the most modern equipment at BMW, which means I can put the theoretical knowledge straight into practice."

Apprentice as Mechatronics Expert.

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