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The picture shows an aerial shot of the BMW plant Leipzig.

BMW Group Plant Leipzig.

One of our most modern and sustainable plants is located in Leipzig. Here we produce classic vehicles of the BMW 1 Series and 2 Series, as well as – since 2013 – automobiles with electric drive and CFRP lightweight bodies. As Germany's first automobile factory in Leipzig, we’re particularly proud of the fact that we can, to a large extent, work with electricity from our very own four wind turbines.


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We highly appreciate the performance and commitment of our talents and would like to give something back in return. Therefore, in addition to a high basic salary, we offer our apprentices holiday and Christmas bonuses, as well as a supplementary pension of EUR13.29 per month. From the second year of training onwards, we also share the company's success with you in form of a profit-sharing scheme, provided that our corporate goals have been met. 

1st year of apprenticeship EUR 1,058.13
2nd year of apprenticeship EUR 1,115.13
3rd year of apprenticeship EUR 1,173.13
4th year of apprenticeship EUR 1,230.13

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Success at work and a private life cannot be combined? With us this is definitely possible! We offer our talents flexible working hours right from the beginning. Even during your apprenticeship, you have the opportunity to reduce accrued overtime and thus call it a day earlier. After your apprenticeship, you can expect plenty additional offers to combine your private appointments and needs with your work at the BMW Group – whether it is flexitime, free shifts or a sabbatical – almost anything is possible with us!

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For you as an apprentice, sheer driving pleasure starts already on your very first day! Because with us, you have the opportunity to rent or buy your dream car at particularly favourable conditions. The specific vehicle offers and terms vary from year to year – but we usually have the BMW 1 and 2 Series on offer!

Are you new in the city or would you simply like to move into your own apartment while doing your apprenticeship? To help you with your start, we will assist you in finding your own place with a lucid list with useful information and some tips for searching a flat in Leipzig, if you choose to do your apprenticeship with us.

As an apprentice, you will be travelling a lot during your training, but who will pay for your travel costs? With us, your trips to vocational school are subsidised, so you do not have to worry about high expenses and can enjoy your apprenticeship to the fullest!  

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As an apprentice with us, you not only benefit from attractive remuneration but also from our cooperation with external companies and save on a wide range of discounted products in many areas of life - from furniture to jewellery to clothing. You will also receive generous discounts in our lifestyle shops, as well as in the BMW Group Classic, the BMW Museum and the BMW Welt.

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Team spirit and cohesion play a key role in our company and what better way to promote this than by eating together in our company restaurants? Our talents can look forward to a daily changing menu in the company restaurant and various snacks and hot drinks in the company café. This is a great way to enjoy the breaks together!

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Work, stay fit and enjoy your free time? That is no problem with us. Thanks to our diverse sports and leisure options - such as training and coaching sessions, various challenges, health podcasts and apps, a virtual fitness planner, our own fitness studios and counselling services and much more - you not only have the opportunity to diversify your everyday life, but above all to take full care of your health!

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Sustainability is one of the utmost important corporate pillars for us - especially in the area of employee health. To ensure that this is not neglected, our talents benefit from the outstanding services of our exclusive and company-related health insurance fund - the BMW BKK. In addition to a strong service, BMW BKK also offers a low contribution rate and many additional benefits - for example, for osteopathy and professional dental cleanings - of over €1,000 per year. This means you save money - and receive services and preventive care far beyond the insurance card.

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You have always wanted to get a taste of the stock market or perhaps you have already gained some experience and dreamed of a participation in the BMW Group? Then you can look forward to our BMW preferred shares which you can purchase at favourable conditions from your second year of apprenticeship onwards. In addition to the attractive remuneration model, you will also benefit from dividends and long-term participation in the company's success.

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Bored? No way – as an apprentice, you will always experience new challenges and exciting tasks in your own projects – no matter which apprenticeship you choose. You do not like daily work in the office or on the computer? You cannot keep still and are always looking for a new challenge? With us, you will get to know a wide variety of areas outside the training workshop and never do the same thing all day long. Whether technology, business or IT – each of our professions offers multifaceted activities – an apprenticeship could not be more varied!

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An apprenticeship in the digital age –we attach great importance to modern technology and digital training opportunities. Therefore, all apprentices receive their own laptop and we use numerous digital training methods. In this way, you will be prepared in the best possible way for Work 4.0 and topics such as networking and independence of location as important drivers of digitalisationwill be optimally covered. Fun and productivity are guaranteed!

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With us, success is a team sport – whether while working together or in learning circles revising for exams – you are part of a big team. We do not only work together but also inspire and support each other. So you can look forward to great team spirit becoming an integral part of your everyday life. Because it is important to us that you feel comfortable and, of course, that you have fun at work!

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With talent and passion, you can achieve anything with us. We offer you many interesting development opportunities and a varied daily work routine. By specifically promoting your talents and strengths, we prepare you ideally for your future. Regular conversations and feedback sessions with our trainers who are always willing to listen, will help you in your personal development. No matter which profession you choose, you can count on individual support.

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We offer you numerous personal and professional opportunities to develop yourself during and even after your apprenticeship. Exciting trainings, further qualifications and studies, higher tasks or assignments abroad – we listen to your individual wishes and goals and thus, help you develop your full potential.

Application period.

The application for an apprenticeship in 2022 starts 23 July 2021.                                                    

Being fast, pays off. The earlier you apply, the higher the chances to follow your dream apprenticeship. Applying is only possible until all apprenticeship places are filled (no set time limit).

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Online application.

In order to make things easier for you and us, you can only apply online via our Job Assistant. In the “Application Tips” section, you may find all information about the application procedure and a step-by-step guidance. Alternatively, you may also apply directly here.



Recruiting Hotline:
Tel.: +49 (0)341 445 - 17001
Contact: Katja Beck


Dual apprenticeship with university entrance qualification (Abitur) in Saxony. This four-year course, which combines both vocational school and technical college, concludes with the proficiency examination of the IHK Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Abitur examination. The DuBAS project will be offered for future IT specialists and IT systems engineers at the Vocational School Centre for Electronics in Dresden and for future industrial, tool and cutting machine mechanics at the Karl-Heine-Schule at the Leipzig Vocational School Centre. The school-based element of the training combines general and vocational teaching at the technical college with the inter-professional and vocational content of the vocational school. To be admitted to the DuBAS course, please apply to our company for an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic and also directly to the Karl-Heine-Schule at the Leipzig Vocational School Centre.


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At the BMW Group plant in Leipzig, we work closely with the occupational training centre and can therefore already offer apprenticeships specifically for people with hearing impairments in the two professions of Specialist for Industrial Mechanics and Production Mechanic. The application takes place via the regular job advertisements for our apprenticeships.

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