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The image shows the BMW Tower, the so-called ‘Four Cylinder Building’ in Munich.

BMW Group in Munich - Where Tradition Meets Innovation.

In the foreground our iconic four-cylinder headquarter building, in the background the Alps – this is where tradition meets modernity. Munich is a city of contrasts: from the largest park in Europe (English Garden), to the most visited folk festival in the world (Oktoberfest), to being the city with the strongest economy in Germany, Munich has a lot to offer both culturally and economically. The BMW Group is well-positioned in Munich: not only is the parent plant, as well as the company headquarters, located here, but so too is the mobility of the future shaped at various locations around the city, and with numerous cooperations within research, teaching and business.

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The picture shows the Frauenkirche in Munich, photographed through the columns of the monopteros in the English Garden.

Culture and lifestyle.

The high quality of life in Munich is hugely appealing and attracts many to live there. With around 1.5 million inhabitants, Minga - as the locals call their home - is the third largest city in Germany. The state capital also has a vibrant cultural life: it is the stronghold of the variety and cabaret scene, and is also a media, film and cinema city. New exhibitions can be seen in the museum district and there is plenty of room for relaxation on the Isar River or in the English Garden.

The picture shows different gingerbread hearts on a market stall.

More than pretzels and weisswurst.

Those who live and work in Munich are lucky enough to enjoy a very high quality of life. The nightlife options are endless and the many pubs with their Munich beer and Bavarian cuisine are a cultivated and lived tradition. However, the international food scene, which offers something for every taste, fits seamlessly into this tradition. Diversity is therefore a further characteristic of this city of contrasts, which at first glance does not seem to move without Lederhosen, Bayern München and the Oktoberfest. But the second look is also very promising!

Where tomorrow's driving pleasure is created.

Just as Munich has continued to grow over the past decades, so has the BMW Group continued to develop in this city. We can now be proud of a large number of research, development and production locations in the Bavarian capital - often in close cooperation with universities and colleges. Discover the different places where the BMW Group works in Munich.

The picture shows the interior of the BMW Group Research and Innovation Centre in Munich.
The picture shows the exterior view of the Information Technology Center in Munich.
The picture shows a work shop at the BMW campus for autonomous driving in Munich.
The picture shows the neon sign “welcome” hanging on a wall at the Innovation Lab in Munich.
The picture shows a glimps of the BMW Designworks office in Munich.
The image shows the BMW Tower, the so-called ‘Four Cylinder Building’ in Munich.
The picture shows a panorama shot of Munich.
The picture shows the interior of the BMW Welt in Munich.

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