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Debrecen, Hungary.

The city of Debrecen is Hungary's 2nd largest city and a growing key economic hub in Eastern Europe, filled with rich architecture and history to help relive the 19th century.

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Beyond the plains of Eastern Hungary lies one of the country’s most important cultural hubs – Debrecen. As Hungary’s 2nd largest city, Debrecen has also served as the country’s capital on two occasions in the past. Today the city offers to people of all ages so much to do, see and experience year-round. Spend your afternoons or evenings, for example, in Debrecen’s city center where a countless number of cultural events take place, including the Flower Carnival, Museums Night, the Debrecen Fair, and the Carnival Fiesta.

Local cuisine, like a Gingerbread Plate a la Debrecen, is also something that should not be missed out on as wine and Debrecen’s native dishes are quite popular across Hungary. The aroma of street food can be sensed from every corner of the city and lines of cafes and bistros with terraces await visitors to enjoy sunshine.Hungary has a continental climate with high season being July to August with long, warm and sunny summers and November to March offering bleak cold weather. Winter sport enthusiasts can take advantage of the weather by visiting ski slopes not too far from the city, or ice rinks in the city’s core. With the extensive and continuously expanding public transportation system in place, you would be able to reach all the places easily and comfortably. Hungary is also small enough to visit any town, village or city via car or bus within the span of a day.Under the modern cities program, the city has been placing a lot of focus on developing and internationalizing its schools, airport, and key infrastructure further.


Debrecen has been chosen as the ideal place for BMW Group’s next expansion of its production network. The city was identified to be a prime location due to many favourable and supporting factor conditions such as robust infrastructure, qualified personnel, suitable logistics connections and close proximity to the established supplier network. The start up of the new facility will offer a capacity of 150,000 units a year and create over 1,000 new jobs at an investment of approximately €1 billion.

The new plant in Debrecen will set new standards for digitalisation, sustainability and flexibility. In addition, it will become a leading centre of excellence in technology, with innovative solutions for automation, state-of-the-art assistance systems and flexible logistics applications. In keeping up with the BMW Group’s principle of maintaining a highly flexible production system, the new facility will manufacture conventional, as well as electric-powered vehicles, all on a single production line.

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We, at the BMW Group, believe that the success of a new journey is not possible without a team of individuals who are willing to work together towards a common goal. To help us get started on this new venture in Debrecen, we will be searching for skilled talent starting in 2019. To stay tuned for further updates on our recruitment plans and activity, subscribe to our newsletter using the button found below.


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