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Theoretically the best decision. Practically too.

Our dual curriculums are as diverse as your talents and strengths.

In the first place, our job finder gives you an overview of all dual curriculums you can currently apply for. Of course, you can also find out about our different courses and locations below on this page without obligation – at any time outside of the application period. Find out here how our various programmes differ from each other.

If you are still unsure which dual curriculum is right for you, then let our apprenticeship finder help you. This tool suggests suitable dual curriculums depending on your interests and school qualifications. With our wide range of offers, you can be sure to find the degree programme that really suits you!

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BMW Group Career working at BMW Group places of apprenticeship and study 4-cylinder


We are (almost) everywhere. Whether you live in northern or southern Germany, in the countryside or in the city: you will find a suitable place to train or study.

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The picture represents the job culture by showing two BMW production employees.

Working at the BMW Group.

The passion for visionary projects that transcend limits and lead the way is our common drive.

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You don’t want to miss any important dates and always stay up to date with our school leaver programmes? Sign up for our WhatsApp-Newsletter!

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BMW Group Career working at BMW Group pupils and apprentices at BMW

School pupils.

Whether work experience for school pupils, internships, apprenticeships or dual studies – here you will find out about our occupations, locations and application deadlines.

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