Study Mechanical Engineering – Mechatronics (B. Eng.).

Note: This dual study programme is offered as a combined degree programme with the apprenticeship Mechatronics Expert. 

Are modern machines and systems in vehicle production your thing? But just one apprenticeship is not enough for you? Then this dual study program is just right for you. Because here you build up expertise around product development, mechatronics and energy technology and go through areas such as development, manufacture, repair and quality assurance in training. After 4.5 years you are an engineer and mechatronics engineer – well equipped for your future.

What you will learn with us.

  • Working with measuring and testing devices
  • Detection of errors in the system
  • Component manufacturing for plants as well as removal and installation of assemblies
  • Independent production and adjustment of new components for plants
  • Professional and systematic testing, maintenance, repair and optimisation of mechatronic automation systems
  • Theoretical knowledge in exciting lectures of the course such as machine elements, technical dynamics and control engineering

What awaits you after the dual degree course.

  • Unlimited direct entry with above-tariff conditions
  • Assignments in areas such as design, research and development, production planning and control, maintenance, production or purchasing, warehousing and materials management
  • Setting up complex, computer-controlled production systems
  • Integration of measures for predictive maintenance
  • Own projects with diverse areas
  • Diverse further training opportunities in project and management positions

What you should bring along.

  • Flexibility and creativity
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Reliable and accurate way of working
  • Enjoy working with high-tech machines and systems
  • Spatial and constructive imagination
  • Enjoy maths, physics and English
  • Fluent in German (B2 level)
  • University entrance qualification
Benefits für Schüler:innen.


We offer you a takeover guarantee in the plants, attractive remuneration including Christmas and holiday pay, apprentice vehicle rental, optional stays abroad and many other benefits.

Duration of training and studies.

4.5 years

Apprenticeship location.

Training and study process.

BMW Group Karriere Studium Maschinenbau Ausbildung Mechatroniker Grafik Programmablauf
BMW Group Karriere Studium Maschinenbau Ausbildung Mechatroniker Grafik Programmablauf

The right application.

To apply for a dual curriculum at the BMW Group, please complete the following steps. Information on the application period can also be found there.

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