BMW Group plants in Germany.

Non-stop perfection every day.

Our BMW Group plants are driven by a common goal: to implement our innovations optimally through agility and rapid adaptability so that we can quickly and efficiently fulfil our customer expectations.

We set new benchmarks with passion and curiosity and produce new “made by BMW Group” premium quality every day. Whether it’s in production, planning, logistics or quality assurance: all eight BMW plants in Germany set trends in these production disciplines and drive the technological revolution forward with digital innovation, sustainability and flexibility.

Discover diverse opportunities at our state-of-the-art plant locations in Germany and find where you can best apply your skills.

Plants in Germany. An overview.

No plant is like another, each has something very special to offer. Discover the diversity of our plants by clicking on each of our plant locations, and gain new insights into the different qualities and specialty areas of our plants in Germany.

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