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A female student works on a laptop and gains work experience at BMW.

How do I apply at the BMW Group as a School Pupil?

Want to apply for a pupils internship, an apprenticeship or a dual degree? You can find tips and tricks for a successful application here as well as an overview of all application start dates.

First tip: It pays to be quick. Because you can only apply as long as there are still vacant apprenticeships available.

all Application start dates.

Berlin                                                                                                   01 July 2020
Leipzig                                                                                                17 July 2020
Eisenach                                                                                            17 July 2020
Munich                                                                                               24 July 2020
Landshut                                                                                            24 July 2020
Regensburg                                                                                      24 July 2020
Dingolfing                                                                                          24 July 2020


Once you have submitted your application, you can see the status or change your data by following the link to your candidate profile at any time. We will, of course, also keep you informed of any development. Please check your e-mail account regularly and check your spam folder from time to time.

You do not have to decide for one dream job straight away, as you can of course apply for several positions. It would be best if you restrict yourself to the professions that really interest you. In the later selection process, we will ask you about your preferences if you applied for multiple positions.

If you have applied for several apprenticeship positions or dual curriculums, we will ask you about your preferences in the course of the selection process and try to take them into account in our decisions.

No, you don't have to. All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory and must be filled in. In order to make the application as simple as possible, we have provided fields or categories that are not self-explanatory with additional information that should make it easier for you to fill them out. Since our applicant system is used for many different target groups, there are a few fields that are not relevant to your application for an apprenticeship or dual curriculum and can be left blank accordingly. These include the fields of "career interests and mobility", "preferred fields of activity" and "professional experience". If you already have significant experience with the latter, you are of course free to fill this field anyway.

If you cannot submit the application at the end, please try the following: Click on the "Remove" button for each field that has not been filled in. You should then be able to continue. If you experience further technical problems, please contact our applicant hotline on +49 89 382 17001.

As soon as you have completed your online test, we will endeavour to provide you with prompt feedback on your application.

Tip: Once you have submitted your application, you can see the status of your "Job application" under your candidate profile at any time. We will, of course, also keep you informed of any development. Please check your e-mail account regularly and check your spam folder from time to time.

Once you have submitted your application, you can see the status of your "Job application" under your candidate profile at any time. We will, of course, also keep you informed of any development. Please check your e-mail account regularly and check your spam folder from time to time.

As soon as you have sent off your application, you can make changes in your  candidate profile under "Job application" and, for example, upload additional documents. Here you can also see the status of your application at any time.

If you ever forget your access data, this is not a problem. Simply send an email to the Applicant Hotline or call +49 (0) 89 382 17001.

If you no longer wish to be considered in the ongoing recruiting process or if you have accepted another contract in the meantime, please withdraw your application via your candidate profile. Your data will be automatically deleted in accordance with the period agreed in the declaration of consent for data storage.

Since we would like to make our decision not only based on grades and at the same time aspire to be as objective as possible when reviewing the applications, we decided to use an online test as an additional pre-selection tool. The online test allows us to receive very structured information about you and to objectively compare it with that of other applicants. So, everyone has the same opportunities - which makes the application process very fair overall.

The online test, along with your grades and other application documents, is part of our pre-selection. This is our first step for deciding who could be suitable for our positions, taking their skills and qualifications into account. Please note that we cannot consider your application in the further selection process without the online test.

If you have applied for several positions, you usually only have to complete one online test for the pre-selection. However, there is one exception: If you have applied for both dual curriculums and classic apprenticeships, you will receive a separate invitation for an online test from us after you receive your application. This is because the tests in the selection process for dual curriculums and apprenticeships differ from each other.

Since the online test for apprenticeships in the pre-selection is structured differently than the online test on the selection day itself, we would like to give our applicants the chance to practice a little here. On the other hand, in the case of applications for a dual curriculum, the selection day online test corresponds exactly to the online test for pre-selection. After completing the first online test, you can already see what awaits you on the selection day.

In order to be able to take the online test, certain technical requirements must be met:

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Use a computer / laptop or a tablet. Devices that are too small, such as smartphones, are not suitable for processing the online test.
  • Use one of the following browsers in the most current version possible: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari.
  • Make sure your browser zoom is set to 100%.

You need around 60 minutes for the online test. Find a quiet place where you can take the test undisturbed.

It is important that the system requirements are fulfilled for the correct display of the online test modules. See the above "Do I have to consider anything when taking the online test?". If all system requirements are met and problems continue to occur, you can try the following steps:

  • Clear your cache: clear the cache of the browser you are using. This ensures that no data already stored in the browser causes problems during the online test. After that, make sure to close the browser once before starting the test again.
  • Use a different browser: Sometimes technical difficulties arise with certain constellations of browsers, operating systems and their configurations. Try using a different browser than the one you used to edit the test.

  • Contact our Eligo support: If none of the suggested measures solve your problems, please contact the support of our external partner ELIGO. This is easily done by sending an email to

As soon as you have completed the test, you will receive an online result overview in your test window.

It is not possible to interrupt the online test.

As soon as you have completed the test, you will receive an online result overview in your test window. We receive the results automatically after the test is completed and then endeavour to give you prompt feedback as to whether you have made it to the next step of the selection.

If you applied for a traditional apprenticeship, the second online test is different. Therefore, we would like to give you the opportunity to prepare for the test on the selection day using our Eligo Tool. The area "voluntary preparation" gives you an overview of the different types of exercises and you can try them out.

If you have applied for a dual curriculum, the online test on the selection day is identical to the one you have already completed in pre-selection. Which means you have already practiced enough by completing the first test and are prepared accordingly.

You can also practice for the interview in advance as at the start of the conversation we shall be asking you for a short introduction in the form of a self-presentation. You should definitely prepare yourself for this so that you can quickly tell us who you are and why you have applied for this specific position.

If you have applied for several apprenticeships or dual curriculums at different locations, you may receive several acceptances from us. It is important that you tell us your decision as soon as possible so that we can give other applicants a chance.

Career Tip Theresa


Mechatronics Apprentice


"Before the selection day, think about what your strengths and talents are and how you can put them to good use in your dream job. Stick to your strengths but acknowledge your weaknesses too. Ultimately, your personality is more important than the grades!"

CareerTip by Christian


Recruiter Apprenticeships and Dual Curriculums


"At the BMW Group you don't need a covering letter for your application. So, you can concentrate entirely on your résumé. Focus on making this very clear! Show us what experience you have already, whether you have perhaps volunteered in a club and summarise the most important points about yourself as a person."

Career Tip by Laura


Concept Selection Procedures


"Do detailed research about the career of your choice and convince us with reasoning why you want to follow this career in particular. Maybe internships or experiences from friends and family have helped you reach your decision? Or do you have a hobby or talent that complements the career? "

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