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How do I apply at the BMW Group as a School Pupil?

Want to apply for a pupils internship, an apprenticeship or a dual degree? You can find tips and tricks for a successful application here.

Applications for apprenticeships are made online. You apply speculatively for available apprenticeships at the individual BMW Group locations. The Job Assistant will guide you through your application.

Your application documents.

  • Tabular resume.
  • Copy of the latest school report (please no interim or half-year report).
  • In the case of minors, a copy of a medical certificate pursuant to §32 JArbSchG (youth health and safety at work act). If you do not have this certificate at the time of application, you may add it to your application documents at a later stage.
  • If necessary, further documents may be requested by human resources. Further, you may retrieve your data at any time via the Job Assistant.

Selection procedure.

You should be aware that we apply an online test as a fixed component in our application process. We use this for the pre-selection while you can show your personal skills next to your school grades. Please calculate 60-75 minutes for the test. If you do not have internet access, please contact us during the application period at  


You are not sure which apprenticeship suits you best? Have a look what we offer:

Applications for dual curriculums are made online. The jobs will be posted online seperately. Find your study and apprenticeship first and then apply online directly:


Application process:

  • IT studies from 01 June, other field of studies from 01 October for start of vocational training in the following year
  • Online tests. The link will be sent to you some days after the end of the application process.
  • from end of October on: Assessment Centers

You can apply for student internships with us online. The selection process will vary by location. For full details on the internships we currently offer, plus application periods and locations click below:

More information on school pupil placeme More information on school pupil placeme

Apply online via the Job Assistant.

The Job Assistant is your individual user account, which you can edit at any time. There are two ways to access the application system: via the “Apply Now” link in a job advertisement, or via a direct link to the Job Assistant. Before applying online, please register by specifying a username and password. Following this you’ll have the opportunity to complete your profile, step by step.

 You can pause, enhance or update your application at any time. Once you’re done, send us your application using the button “Activate online application”.

 Please note: As long as there are still active application processes saved in your user profile, the profile and user account will remain active. Once all application processes are complete, the last user login will trigger the deletion. Four months after this last login, the profile and user account will be deleted. 

The Job Assistant offers the following feature.

Use the Job Assistant to manage your applications, edit your profile and view messages.

Under "Applications" you will find a summary of all the applications you have created. By clicking on "View" you can call these up at any time, continue working on applications you have started and view their current status.

The Job Agent is a type of search engine for jobs at the BMW Group. If you save your job search profile, you will regularly be notified by email via the "Job Agent" menu about new and relevant jobs ("Jobs found"). You can amend your search profile at any time ("Search profiles"). The Job Agent only notifies you about jobs that are available; there is no automatic application sent in relation to such jobs. If you wish to apply you need to initiate an application under the Applications section.

In the "Profile" area, you can centrally manage all data relating to your applicant profile (e.g. education, technical and language skills, file attachments such as certificates).

Under "Options" you are able to manage your user profile: here you can change your password or delete your account. Furthermore, you can specify, for example, for how long your search criteria should be matched with current job openings or how often you want to be notified about newly available jobs by the Job Agent.

The "Mailbox" contains all messages sent by the BMW Group regarding your application. Of course we'll inform you by email as soon as there is a new message waiting for you.

Career Tip Max


Functional development of tyres


"Have fun and stay authentic and be convincing – that’s how you can score in a job interview. "

CareerTip by Steve




"The cover letter is important for me to get to know you better – please don´t just write down the same content from your CV. It´s the perfect way to tell me more about who you really are and what motivates you.”

Career Tip by Pia


Apprentice Euro-Management-Assistent


"Be authentic and honest while having your job interview! Be aware of your strengths, but don’t be afraid to admit your weaknesses as well. In the end personality is more important than your grades."

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