how to become an apprentice at the BMW Group.

Max, how can I best apply for an apprenticeship at the BMW Group? Is it very time-consuming?

You can find all available positions on the Internet on our careers page. From there you can go directly to the online application system. The first time, you register with your email address and a few basic details. In addition, we need your curriculum vitae, your school certificate and some answers to job-specific questions. You don't need a cover letter. In five minutes, everything is done. Right with the start of the application phase, we look at the applications and promptly invite you to the selection days. So, it makes sense to apply early for your desired profession!

How many apprenticeships do you offer this year?

We are offering 1,200 apprenticeships for this year. Everyone in the factories and headquarters receives a takeover guarantee.

Honestly, do I have any chances of an apprenticeship at the BMW Group without personal connections?

Yes! At the BMW Group everybody has the chance to find a suitable job. Because in addition to the school grades, an online test is part of the selection process. With this test we see whether applicants suit us. That means: Even if you have average grades, but do very well in the test, you have very good chances to start your apprenticeship at the BMW Group.

Why are my school grades important at all?

You have proven your skills at school for years. We want to reward that. Nevertheless, grades are only half the battle. The online test is just as important. However, you should enjoy math and numbers. This is important in all professions we offer.

What exactly happens during the online test?

In the test you get questions with three statements each to choose from. You have to decide which of the statements apply to you the most, which the least and which you find neutral. The online test works on the tablet and on the computer. It is not about speed, so take your time and read the explanations in peace. It is really important for us that you are honest.

Finally, there is a personal selection day. How can I prepare for this day?

With the invitation, we will unlock an online training area for you to prepare for. On this day we want to see that you are enthusiastic about the job for which you have applied. That is why you will do a small work example. It is important that you deal intensively with the task. And we want to speak to you personally to get to know you better. At the end there is a performance test with a math, a technology and a logic part.

Can you give me an advice on how I can stand out from the many applicants?

It is important that you do not pretend. In such a situation, many are certainly nervous, but so are we. That is why it helps to just take a deep breath at the beginning and then openly tell about yourself.

Can I apply to all professions and locations? Or are there jobs that are only intended for men or women?

Of course, you can apply for various positions and locations. But please consider which profession you are interested in so that we can see what is important to you. All professions are equally suitable for women and men. Feel free to watch our videos on specific professions or contact us via our social media career pages or our applicant hotline – if you have any questions. Especially in the technical professions, we are particularly happy to receive applications from young women

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