No matter where your child's interests and talents lie, with us your offspring will find the apprenticeship or dual study programme that is best suited. We offer your child the opportunity to fully live out their personal interests and to specifically develop their talents and strengths through numerous further training opportunities. In this way, everyone can find their dream job and the activity that suits them best. In addition to the best possible support from our experienced team of trainers, your child can expect attractive working conditions and benefits, and of course there is no shortage of fun. 

Sounds exciting? On this page you will find all the information that is important for you as a parent to support your child in their career choice. What else do you need to do? Give your offspring the hint to apply with us!

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After your child has successfully completed an apprenticeship or dual study programme in one of our plants, we guarantee a permanent job offer. So you do not have to worry about the future of your offspring.

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In addition to a high basic salary of over EUR 1,000 already in the first year of the apprenticeship, your child will also receive holiday and Christmas bonuses as well as a supplementary pension and profit-sharing while being an apprentice at one of our plants!

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With us, your child has the opportunity to rent his or her dream car at particularly favourable apprentice conditions. Depending on the location, there are also subsidies for public transport – such as discounted travel tickets or subsidies for trips to vocational school. 

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With seminars accompanying the apprenticeship, driving courses and further qualifications, your child can develop both professionally and personally with us. In doing so, we support individual wishes and goals of your child.



In our plants, your child can look forward to a daily changing range of meals in the company restaurants and grab different snacks and hot drinks in the company cafés. From now on, you no longer need to worry about your child's meals.

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Fitness and leisure activities, flexible working hours, personal development and employee discounts – these are just a few of our other benefits that await your child if it decides to do an apprenticeship in one of our plants.


Is your child not yet sure which of our professions matches their strengths? Then please make your child aware of our Apprenticeship Finder in order to find out which apprenticeship or dual study programme might suit his or her personal interests and school-leaving certificate best.

Certain school-leaving qualifications are required for individual apprenticeships or dual study programmes. You can find more information about this in the job advertisements. In addition to grades, what counts for us in the recruitment process is authenticity and honesty in the interview – your child should not pretend and should admit to his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, the personality of your offspring and the associated cultural fit is very important to us.

For a technical apprenticeship with us, an intermediate school leaving certificate is sufficient for most professions. For IT professions, the "Mittlere Reife" is usually required. If your child is aiming for a dual study programme, a vocational baccalaureate or A-levels are a prerequisite.

Yes! At the BMW Group, everyone has the chance to find a suitable job. In addition to school grades, our selection process consists of an online test, an interview and a work sample. These tasks help us to find out whether applicants are a good fit to us. If your child performs well, even with poorer grades, he or she can still qualify for an apprenticeship at the BMW Group.

Your child does not need any practical experience to get started with us.

We do not require any specific prior knowledge – no matter what professional field your child is interested in. What is more important to us is the interest in the profession or the activity, as well as the motivation to acquire the relevant knowledge.

After applying, your child will receive an invitation to the first online test. Here, your child also has the option of "voluntary preparation" for the selection day. This is the ideal way for your child to prepare for the upcoming tasks. On the selection day, another online test, a work sample and an interview await your offspring. You can practise the interview with your child, for example, by asking him or her why he or she would like to do a certain apprenticeship and what strengths he or she has.

All open internship positions are listed in our Job Finder, which takes you directly to the application. Your child should be at least 13 years old for a compulsory internship and at least 15 years old for a voluntary pupil internship. An application form must also be completed for each internship. On our website you will find more information on the topic of internships for pupils.

Yes! We offer various events for pupils at our different locations. You can find the dates as well as detailed information in German about the events in our event calendar.

There are fixed application start dates from which we accept applications. Your child can apply for our apprenticeship positions until all positions are filled. Therefore, the earlier we receive the application, the better. You can find an overview of all application start dates on our "Application tips" page.

Your child's application should include a complete curriculum vitae in table form and a copy of the last school report or, in the case of an application for dual study programmes, a university entrance qualification. To speed up the application process for your child, we no longer require a cover letter. In addition, please make sure that all contact details are up-to-date and complete so that we can contact your child during the application process.

On our "Application tips" page, you will find step-by-step instructions for your child's application, including what to expect on selection day. 

While our vehicles, parts and components are produced in our BMW Group plants, our dealerships are both sales as well as service locations for our customers. We offer numerous apprenticeships both in the plants and in the dealerships.

Our application process.


We offer your child numerous opportunities for personal and professional development during and, above all, after the apprenticeship. Your child can take part in seminars and driving courses that accompany the apprenticeship and take part in further qualifications and seminars, for example, to take on more qualified tasks or assignments abroad. We always take into account the individual wishes and goals of your offspring in order to fully exploit their individual potential!

Once they have passed their final exams, our apprentices at the BMW Group plants have unlimited direct entry with conditions that are above the collective wage agreement. We guarantee that they will be taken on by us. As an apprentice in the BMW dealerships, your child also has very good chances of starting a career in one of our dealerships after passing the exams.

Your child is in good hands during every phase of the apprenticeship or dual study programme. Whether trainers, vocational school teachers, professors or mentors in the various assignments stations: Your child and you will always have someone to talk to. For example, we hold regular feedback meetings with our apprentices to give them feedback on their performance and to find out what their experiences and impressions are like in the specialist departments.

For us, success is teamwork – whether it is working together or in learning circles during exam preparation – your child is part of a big team. To promote this, we organise team-building events, among other things. In this way, the apprentices and trainers get to know each other and grow together right from the start.

In order to give you an insight into your child's activities, a parents' evening is held in the first year of the apprenticeship. During the rest of the apprenticeship period, you can also contact your child's trainers at any time.

Cohesion and team spirit are our top priorities. As soon as your child needs support, we have numerous offers of help from qualified colleagues. Often, our apprentices themselves form working and learning circles to support each other.


"If your offspring is interested in one of our dual study programmes, I'm the first contact person. I look forward to receiving your child's application soon. It should definitely be authentic – hence, give your child the tip that he or she should not pretend."

"I'm looking forward to soon having your child on board our innovative and future-oriented apprenticeship and to accompanying him or her on his or her way into professional life!  For us, it's all about personality as well as interest in the profession. Therefore, all I can say is: Encourage your child to apply!"

"As a recruiter, I'm the first point of contact and look forward to supporting your offspring in choosing the right career. Feel free to give your child the hint to leave up-to-date contact details in the application documents so that we can easily reach out during the application process."

"An apprenticeship with us offers an exciting learning experience and many individual development opportunities. I look forward to seeing your child soon helping to build the best motorcycles in the world. It’s important for us to feel the enthusiasm for the profession. This is something your child should definitely show us."

"As a trainer for IT professions, I particularly enjoy sharing my passion and preparing young talents to work in innovative future fields. When your child applies, he or she should especially inform themselves about the profession and find out if it really matches."

"Making a contribution to the company's success together with young and motivated talents makes me particularly proud as a training manager! Your child should find out what strengths and talents he or she has. Because as soon as you know what you can do, you appear more confident and can also convince better in an interview." 



For us, diversity means living a culture based on appreciation and respect, so that people from all backgrounds can contribute and develop with their personality and identity. Equal opportunities for women and men is also a lived reality for us and not an empty promise – every day and everywhere. Because the different and mutually complementary perspectives and approaches of each individual make us strong for all challenges.

The BMW Group is an all-round great employer because...

  • it is important to us that your child has fun and enjoys work.
  • we offer job security.
  • team spirit characterises everyday working life at our company.
  • girls have long since conquered all areas of technology with us.
  • there is no professional routine for our IT specialists.
  • an apprenticeship at the BMW Group is a real alternative to studying.
  • your child can actively shape the future of mobility.

The pandemic will not affect the quality of your child's education. All learning content can be taught. If the situation requires it, courses take place online or in small groups with sufficient distance.

Even in times of pandemic, all apprentices and dual students at BMW Group plants are guaranteed permanent employment after successfully completing their final exams.

The apprenticeship department has developed a safe and functioning hygiene concept that is applied in all plants. This ensures the protection of all BMW Group colleagues.

The BMW Group's hygiene concept is very flexible and is based on the applicable government regulations. It includes, for example, the wearing of masks at BMW locations, a safety distance of 1.5 metres at each workplace, and the possibility of mobile working. Depending on the number of infections, the concept is expanded or relaxed.

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You want to get more information or meet us in person?

We offer you and your child numerous opportunities to get to know us and learn more about our professions and the application process. Visit us on one of our pupil events.

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