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Application tips for students & graduates.

You’re currently studying, or have just finished your studies? Then find out what to consider when applying.

Whether you're looking for an internship, a working student position, a thesis, a trainee program or a permanent position – our Job Finder always gives you an overview of all current job vacancies. Please always keep in mind, that you can only apply to us online. Simply click on "Apply" in the respective job ad and complete your candidate profile. 

Important note: We’re currently in the transition phase from our old job assistant to a new application system. This however also means that it’s currently possible, especially when it comes to multiple applications, that redirections to two different portals might take place. But there’s no need to worry: As long as applications are still running through the old job assistant, we’ll also check and revise them there.


Our selection process.

Our selection process should enable all parties to make an informed decision. It should not only allow us to find out whether an applicant is right for us, but also allow the applicant to see whether they can imagine working with us in a specific role.

Depending on the applicant’s entry level and desired occupation, we’ll use a variety of selection criteria and selection tools to assess each candidate.

At the start of each selection process we will consider the job requirements of the specific position. From these we’ll develop our selection criteria, and decide how to best measure these criteria in order to reach a decision.

Selection Criteria.

Depending on the position, we work with an individual set of criteria in the pre-selection and final selection. In the end, it’s the candidate's overall impression that counts - this depends on how well the knowledge, characteristics and abilities of the candidate fit our defined requirements. Age, gender or cultural background have absolutely no influence on our selection decision. All applicants are welcome.

However, a few basic requirements play a role in the applicant pre-selection:

  • The grades achieved at school and university influence who we pre-select to a certain extent, but they are not the only factor.
  • Relevant work experience, e.g. from prior employment, internships, etc. is highly relevant. Here it is important to enclose any corresponding proof of employment.
  • Very good knowledge of the languages German and English are required for most positions. Depending on the nature of the position, additional language skills may be required.
  • Experience abroad is advantageous, and may even be mandatory for certain jobs of an international nature.
  • We will not consider incomplete or incorrect applications. All documents required in the job advertisement must be included. We will also exclude any applications where false information has deliberately been stated e.g. untruthful indication of better grades.
BMW Group Karriere Richtig bewerben Bewerber im Vorstellungsgespräch
BMW Group Career Apply correctly Interview situation
BMW Group Career Apply correctly Assessment Center


Show us with your application who you are and what makes you special. Make sure your CV is complete and feel free to add also extraordinary hobbies. E.g. if you want to apply for a marketing position and you love taking pictures in your private life, it is definitely worth mentioning this in your application.

Please note that all currently vacant positions are published in our Job Finder. The "Apply" button takes you directly to your personal candidate profile, with which you can apply online for the respective position.

Besides the usual documents, by all means please add the following attachments to your online application:

  • Certificate of completion or current transcript of records
  • Enrolment certificate
  • Web link to examination regulations of your course of study (when applying for a pre-study or specialised internship)
  • If necessary, valid residence and work permit

Our rule of thumb: Please apply approximately four months prior to the start of the respective position. However, every now and then, there are positions available at short notice – so it’s worth stopping by! 


It is important for us to really get to know you and to find out whether your skills and experience fit to the respective position and our team. So show us with your application who you really are and what makes you special. Please make sure your CV is complete and feel free to also add some extraordinary hobbies. If, for example, you also enjoy programming privately and apply for a software development position, it is worth mentioning this in your application. 

Please note that all currently vacant positions are published in our Job Finder. The "Apply" button takes you directly to the candidate profile, where you can apply online for the respective position.  

Career Tip Toni


HR Marketing


"Try not to use phrases like “results-driven”, “strategic thinker” and “team player” in your application – they're really vague and overused! Instead, be specific and give examples of your past work to show how you’ll bring value to the team."




"Sometimes I am asked if it’s possible to apply for several jobs. Of course it is! Each application will be checked separately. Another hint: Set up a job alert on our career page. It keeps you up to date on new jobs postings. Good luck!"

Career Tip by Frank


Head of Personal Services Leipzig


"You need a USP – a reason why we should choose you and not others. Something special that defines you!"

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