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What we offer.

Every single member of our team works incredibly hard, which is greatly appreciated. Our comprehensive benefits package is a way of giving back.

With 30 days’ holiday, we always have enough time to pursue our wanderlust. Whether we feel like visiting countries abroad or just exploring our homeland, there’s no reason to rush.

From our balcony or the mountains to exotic beaches, with that amount of free time we can explore, relax, recharge our batteries and simply enjoy life wherever we are.

We want to keep our talents in the best of health. Our own health insurance, the BMW BKK, offers excellent coverage and exceptional benefits (e.g. osteopathy, professional dental hygiene).

We also have our own company healthcare service, which includes preventative measures (e. g. breast cancer screening, bowel cancer prevention campaigns), stress management, nutritional advice and health training, such as a cardiac sports group.

Our medical officers always have time for us: whenever we need medical advice, we can just drop in. We also provide medical screening, vaccinations as well as first-aid kits before business trips abroad and a lot more.

As performance is highly valued at the BMW Group, we offer our talents performance-related pay that far exceeds legal and collectively agreed requirements.

And holiday pay makes every trip even more enjoyable, but that’s not all by far. There are also special allowances (a Christmas bonus above the general pay scale) and the opportunity for our talents to participate in the company's success through profit-sharing, which – provided targets have been met, of course – is paid out once a year.

Discovering that unique go-kart feeling – or simply enjoying sheer driving pleasure: all our colleagues have the opportunity to drive their very own BMW or MINI on particularly attractive terms.

This way, for many talents enjoying work already starts on the way to the office. With our vehicle configurator, we can create our dream car according to our own wishes and then buy it at an attractive discount – it’s also possible to finance or alternatively lease it. But that’s not all, as we can also benefit from special conditions on a wide range of used cars.

Every talent wants to develop both personally and professionally. We actively support the desire to grow in every aspect. For instance, we help our talents to qualify for roles at a higher level or for international assignments.

We experience the mentoring guidance from superiors, who love to discuss our career objectives with us. From personal development and intercultural programmes to management qualifications – our exciting training opportunities help us to keep pushing forward. Moreover, we value the independent structuring of individual career development.

Consequently, our career paths are flexible:

Our employee development promotes both management as well as expert careers, whereby a switch between the two career paths is possible with the appropriate qualifications. This means that besides a classic management track, we also offer our talents an expert career path as an alternative opportunity for promotion without disciplinary management responsibilities, in which you, as an expert, can take one of the following three paths: 

  • Our project experts bring the expert knowledge for the management of projects and processes.
  • Our corporate experts solve cross-cutting issues and tasks in a responsible manner.
  • Our technical experts are characterised by their very deep knowledge in a defined field of expertise.

Our talents can enjoy meals in subsidised canteens and coffee bars. As tastes are different, we make sure that every colleague has the choice of a variety of meals. There’s no reason for stomachs to rumble, regardless of whether someone is vegan or fan of Italian or Bavarian food. From green = “healthy” to orange = “best two or three times a week” to red = “enjoy in moderation”, our traffic light system rating makes it particularly easy to consciously choose your meal.

For a short break or a chat with colleagues, we´ve got our coffee bars with excellent baristas and a wealth of snacks such as fruit, sweets or something savoury.

Working for us is literally a long-term investment as we support capital formation and want our talents to participate in the company and its success. Therefore, each of us has the opportunity to acquire BMW Group preferred stock at a discount and receive dividends.

Furthermore, we all know that shopping is even more fun when we receive discounts. We benefit from cooperations with external companies and platforms and can purchase a wide variety of products – from furniture to jewellery and clothing.

There are also preferential conditions for using services in one of our shops or the BMW Group Classic, the BMW Museum and the BMW Welt.

Family matters – and we understand that the youngest and oldest family members often need us the most. That’s why we help our talents in Germany to find suitable childcare such as crèches, nurseries, nannies or au pairs. We also offer several day-care places through parent initiatives, local facilities we work with and spots in our own BMW Group day-care facility in Munich.

It’s important to us to also empower talents who have relatives in need of care: We’re happy to offer counselling and assistance any time. We accompany those in need of help and advise them about the available range of services and various options – all tailored to the individual’s circumstances.

We understand the importance of a healthy and fit workforce for a company’s long-term success. That’s why we offer a range of sports and leisure activities that provide the necessary work-life- balance. We not only organise sporting events throughout the year but also offer fitness clubs at many locations. We can enjoy fitness, spa treatments, rehabilitation and a varied program of classes from back exercises and spinning to yoga in a relaxed atmosphere. There are also many sport communities that have been founded independently by some colleagues: join one of them and meet other sports enthusiasts for a run or workout in the park.

Healthy body, healthy mind: to strike the perfect balance, we also actively support cultural activities. Thus, we can enjoy our offers such as the chamber orchestra and choirs or visit many BMW Group sponsored events with our families at a reduced rate or even free of charge.

We want our colleagues to be both – happy as well as healthy. Those who balance their work and personal life can stay motivated. We thus eagerly support this work-life-balance and offer flexible working time models – far beyond the legal requirements. Whether we pursue an intense hobby, have endless plans or want to spend more time with our family – we can live it out with our flexible working models. Options range from flexitime days over non-working shifts to sabbaticals between one and six months.

There’s also the "Full-Time Select" scheme, in which we enjoy the freedom of taking up to 20 additional days of holiday each year with a corresponding reduction in pay, provided certain conditions are met.

Further, we also offer several part-time models. And of course, the planning of childcare tailored to the individual requirements is included in all our working time models.

We trust our talents to make the most appropriate decisions on where and when they want to work. Mobile working allows more flexible working in terms of location and time. We can interrupt work for a doctor’s appointment or fetch our children in the afternoon and then go on with our work later.

If you've always wanted to work abroad and are keen to discover a foreign culture and working environment, a foreign assignment is the perfect opportunity to realise these dreams. All our talents have the opportunity to work at any of our international locations for a defined period. To make this special time as carefree as possible, we offer them plenty of support. Among others, we'll help them find a flat and, if required, a place for their children at a German-speaking school. We also offer their spouse support to find a job so they can enjoy this special experience together.

Location is everything – our talents benefit from the centrality of our offices. All our locations have excellent traffic connections and are linked to public transport. This makes commuting between the city centre or the suburbs and the workplace easy and flexible.

In a global company where everything is about mobility, it goes without saying that we benefit from special mobility offers. We all enjoy the benefits of our public transport season ticket which allows us to move freely around the city at any time.

The sporty ones around us can use the bicycle leasing scheme. Moreover, we offer car sharing, parking lots and a plant bus that make every trip effortless.

Every generation is aware of the importance of saving for retirement – and the BMW Group takes a long-term view of caring for all our colleagues. We ensure they can look forward to financial security in retirement. Thus, we offer all our talents an attractive occupational pension, funded by the company.

Moreover, our colleagues have the option of additional capital formation through preference shares and PVK (“Persoenliches Vorsorge Kapital”, personal pension fund), which is only available to BMW Group employees and allows us to build up a personal pension fund with added tax advantages.

Our parcel collection booths are just one of many services that make everyday life significantly easier. And if we’re tired of facing that pile of dirty clothing when we come home from work, our laundry service can help us out.

All our colleagues who aren’t keen on house hunting can take advantage of our company-owned flats. And when they’re planning their next holiday, our travel agencies will gladly help them to find their dream destination.

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