Application tips – DUAL CURRICULUM.

Applications for dual studies are only conducted online. Our job finder gives you a good overview of all current vacancies.

You do not have to choose one course of study straight away, but you can also apply for several positions. Please restrict yourself to courses that really interest you. In the case of multiple applications, we will ask you about your preferences in the later selection process.

If you are still generally unsure which course of study is suitable for you, then let our apprenticeship finder help you.

Please note the relevant starting dates for applications. The exact dates vary depending on each location. If you like to be kept up to date, please visit our location websites regularly or simply subscribe to our WhatsApp school pupil newsletter.

What should you consider in terms of your application documents and information in the candidate profile?

To apply for a dual curriculum with us, you need a university entrance qualification. If this is not available at the time of application, you should be able to show it by July of the following year at the latest. If you have already completed your exams, be sure to upload your education entrance qualification (A'levels (Abitur)) or entrance qualification for studies at universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschule) 

to your candidate profile. If you have not yet received it, the half-year and end-of-year certificates of the current form are sufficient for the time being.

By the way: To make your application even faster, we no longer request a covering letter.

Important: Our screening system makes your online application easier. First upload your CV after registering or logging in with your candidate profile. After uploading your résumé, a large proportion of the fields populate themselves automatically. Please double check whether the information has been correctly transferred.

Tip: Once you have submitted your application, you can see the status of your "Job application" or upload further documents under your candidate profile at any time. We will, of course, also keep you informed of any development. Please check your e-mail account regularly and check your spam folder from time to time.

Your online application.

Our selection process.

Online Test.

We want to get to know you and your skills better. Together with your grades, our online test is our first decision-making tool. This is supported by our external partner Eligo. As soon as we have received all your documents, you will automatically receive an invitation from Eligo by email with a link to the test. In addition, you will also be asked to provide a few further details here.

NB: Please note that we cannot consider your application in the further selection process without the online test. We therefore recommend that you take the test as soon as possible. It's best to find a quiet place where you can do the test undisturbed in around 60 minutes.  

By the way: You can practise a little before your application and familiarise yourself with our online test. Your data from the exercise will not be saved.

Selection Day.

If you have convinced us with both the result of the online test and your other application documents during pre-selection, you will receive an invitation to the selection day.

What can you expect on the selection day?

1. A work sample: Here you can demonstrate your talent for your future job.

2. A further online test: This test will leave no doubt about your logical thinking ability.

3. Interview: Not only do we ask you questions in a personal conversation; you will also have the opportunity to get answers to all of your own questions.

Tips for preparing for the selection day.

The selection day online test is identical to the one you have already completed in pre-selection. Here, you have already practiced enough by completing the first test and are prepared accordingly.

You can practice for the interview in advance. At the start of the conversation we shall be asking you for a short introduction in the form of a self-presentation. You should definitely prepare yourself for this so that you can quickly tell us who you are and why you have applied for this dual curriculum.

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