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Do you spot even the smallest inconsistencies in games and programmes – and know where the error lies? Do you find programming languages more exciting than French? Big data and artificial intelligence are not buzzwords for you, but topics you want to learn something about? Then an apprenticeship in IT at the BMW Group could be just right for you.

By the way, even if you do not know anything about programming, have not developed your own app yet and are not a maths whiz. We are looking for talented people who enjoy solving tricky problems, who can think logically and who want to keep developing.

On this page, you can find out which IT apprenticeships we offer.


Das Bild zeigt einen Controller.

With us, you get paid to play.

Wir nutzen Tag für Tag Gaming-Technologien.

Since 2016, we have been the first car manufacturer to use the "Unreal Engine" software. It was originally developed to programme console and computer games. It helps us to visualise the subsequent assembly of vehicles in the plant, for example. And for you, that means you can create your own little world every day.

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We love intelligence, even artificial intelligence.

Deine Ideen gestalten die Mobilität der Zukunft.

Artificial intelligence helps us to optimise processes and avoid errors. In production, for example, an AI checks whether all the lettering has been applied to new vehicles. In IT, we lay the foundations for these processes: we think about how we can support our colleagues and design the mobility of tomorrow for our customers and how we can realise our ideas.

Das Bild zeigt ein Icon mit einem Laptop und Totenkopf.

We train you to be a hacker.

Bei uns stellst du unsere Systeme auf die Probe.

The more technology is installed in vehicles, the greater the danger that hackers with evil intentions will penetrate them. To ensure that the vehicles, but also our corporate IT and production are protected against attacks, we teach you to be a "hacker in your own house": in this way, you help to think like attackers, recognise vulnerabilities and put our infrastructure to the test again and again.


The picture shows the student Aaron sitting behind his computer.

During the apprenticeship, you get to know different departments in IT and gain practical experience. This gives you the opportunity to find out in which area you would like to work after the apprenticeship.


The picture shows apprentice Nina together with Pepper.

Our robot Pepper not only talks and laughs with us, with her and other robots we learn programming in a playful way and can later apply it in other areas, such as production.


The picture shows apprentice Chau evaluating data on a vehicle.

During the apprenticeship, you often work directly on the vehicle and try out exciting new things – you might not expect that from a job in IT. Cars are becoming more and more digital and connected, so IT Specialists like us are needed for the future.


"Azubi Insights" – IT SPECIALIST.

Training as an IT specialist (f/m/x) I Key aspects of training
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You are spoilt for choice: would you rather plan large IT systems and develop complex databases? Or do you want to ensure that colleagues at the BMW Group plants can assemble vehicles safely together with robots? Discover all your opportunities.

IT Specialist for Application Development


Your world is programming languages like Java and C++. You develop software that has a certain use and certain functions, and you also analyse and plan IT solutions.

The profession suits you if you like to think analytically and in the future, want to learn programming and like to solve tricky problems with patience and curiosity.

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IT Specialist for Data and Process Analysis

Analyse data to solve complex problems.

You find out what is not working and how it can work better. You collect relevant data, analyse it and present results to solve difficult problems. Your knowledge is in demand in a wide variety of areas: Autonomous Driving, App Development, Cyber Security and Machine Learning are all areas in which you can become active. 

You should have a good mathematical and logical understanding, analytical thinking and an interest in IT and programming languages.

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IT Specialist for digital interconnection.

Digitising production at the interface between IT and the plant.

Your task is to continuously improve the production of the BMW Group by helping to further digitalise and automate production. This means that your work will help to digitally control machines and systems, but also, for example, to ensure that our production is perfectly protected against cyberattacks. Diligence, mathematical and technical understanding, but also manual dexterity (to install hardware components) are the skills that should not be lacking in this profession.

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"Have you rebooted the computer yet?"

Technician is informed! You make sure that everything runs smoothly: your tasks include planning, configuring and maintaining the complex IT system of the BMW Group. You also analyse problems in our IT infrastructure and fix them. In doing so, you will be in frequent contact with customers and colleagues so that their problems can be solved quickly and they can work safely. Many innovative projects, varied and agile work await you in this area.

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IT Systems Electronics Technician

Technical skill meets IT skills.

Du planst unsere IT-Systeme so, dass sie bereit für die Zukunft sind. Digitalisierung ist hier das Stichwort: Du kümmerst dich um die Infrastruktur, auf deren Basis wir die Mobilität der Zukunft entwickeln wollen. Das Installieren von Hard- als auch Software gehört zu deinen Kernaufgaben – und natürlich immer auch die Suche nach Fehlern und Verbesserungsmöglichkeiten. Mathe und Physik interessieren dich, Computer sowieso und sorgfältiges Arbeiten liegt dir auch? Dann informiere dich hier weiter über diese Ausbildung:

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Digitalisation Management Clerk

You juggle numbers and know every technical solution.

Zu deinen Aufgaben gehört es, die richtige IT-Lösung für die Bedürfnisse unserer Mitarbeiter:innen, Kund:innen und User:innen zu finden. Das bedeutet: Erst genau hinhören und nachfragen und danach Lösungen finden, die auf betriebswirtschaftlicher wie technischer Basis in Frage kommen. Da Digitalisierung weiter ein Mammutprojekt ist, gibt es hier also viel zu tun, großen Gestaltungsspielraum und die Chance für dich, DER oder DIE Expert:in bei der Digitalisierung unserer Prozesse zu werden.

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Did you know that you can also complete a dual study programme in IT with us?


The picture shows an apprentice evaluating data on a vehicle.


Boredom? No way – as an IT apprentice, you can always expect new challenges and multifaceted tasks in your own projects. With us, you will get to know the most diverse areas of BMW IT and never do the same thing every day.

The picture shows two smiling apprentices in the office.


As an IT apprentice, we offer you a high basic salary, holiday pay, Christmas bonus and a supplementary pension. From the second year of apprenticeship onwards, we will also let you participate in the company's success in the form of a profit-sharing scheme – provided that our corporate goals have been met.

The picture shows an apprentice programming.


Due to the digitalised world, IT will continue to offer a secure and stable professional environment for you in the distant future. After you have successfully completed your training, we guarantee that you will be taken on as a permanent employee. 

The picture shows two apprentices standing next to their cars.


BMW stands for driving pleasure and in a MINI you can experience the pure go-kart feeling. With us, you have the opportunity to rent or buy your dream car at particularly favourable apprentice conditions.

The picture shows an apprentice at an underground platform.


As an apprentice, you will be on the road a lot during your apprenticeship. With us, your trips to vocational school are subsidised, so you do not have to worry about high expenses and can enjoy your apprenticeship to the fullest!

The picture shows an insight into the BMW kitchen.


As an apprentice, you can look forward to a daily changing menu in the company restaurant and various snacks and hot drinks in the company café. This is a great way to spend your breaks together!

Frequently asked questions about an apprenticeship in IT.

Not everyone is an Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein. In our selection process, we do not just evaluate your grades, but also your personality and the passion you bring to the profession. However, you should be able to master the basic knowledge of both subjects, as they are necessary for your training. You need to have a certain interest in the natural sciences in order to successfully complete the apprenticeship.

Prior knowledge of programming is not absolutely necessary. In the vocational school and also in your assignments in our IT, the theory as well as the practice is taught from the ground up.

You should think about where your interests lie and what kind of activities you enjoy. Then you can take our Apprenticeship Finder test and you will be shown suitable jobs directly. You will also find numerous videos and insights from apprentices on our website, which will help you to get a comprehensive picture of the individual apprenticeships.

The duration of the apprenticeship depends on the respective profession. However, you can expect it to last between 3 and 3.5 years. You have the option of shortening it by half a year. During the entire apprenticeship, you will spend time in different departments, alternating with 2-3 weeks at a time in vocational school.

Some BMW Group locations offer different apprenticeships. So if you know where you would like to do an apprenticeship, you should inform yourself specifically about the offers of the respective location.

You can apply for an apprenticeship with us with a secondary school leaving certificate, a vocational baccalaureate or an Abitur. If you are considering a dual study programme, you will need an Abitur or Fachabitur.

During and after your apprenticeship, we offer you a high basic salary, holiday pay, Christmas bonus and a supplementary pension. In addition, we let you participate in the company's success with a profit share – provided that our corporate goals have been met. It is not possible to say in advance what you will earn after your apprenticeship. This depends on your position, your qualifications and your performance, among other things.

The duration of the training depends on the respective profession. However, you can expect it to last between 3 and 3.5 years. You have the option of shortening it by half a year. In this case, the training period is reduced by half a year.

We also offer a dual study programme for many apprenticeships. In this case, you can complete the apprenticeship and the corresponding degree programme at the same time. You can find information about the combined study programme here.

We offer a wide range of dual study programmes. You can find out more about each one here.

The BMW Group is an all-round great employer because...

  • it is important to us that you have fun and enjoy your work.
  • we offer job security.
  • team spirit characterises your everyday working life with us.
  • girls have long ago conquered all areas of technology at our company.
  • IT people do not know any professional routine with us.
  • an apprenticeship at the BMW Group is a real alternative to studying.
  • you can actively shape the future of mobility.

We offer flats in Munich and Dingolfing where you can live cheaply as an apprentice. In Leipzig and Eisenach, we support you through a cooperation with a housing cooperative that rents flats, and in Berlin we offer assistance in finding accommodation.

During and, of course, after your apprenticeship, you can expect seminars and training courses, as well as further qualifications and online training, for example, to take on higher tasks or assignments abroad. We also support you, for example through educational leave, if you want to further your education or study individually.

During your apprenticeship, no exchange abroad is foreseen. If you consider working in another country after completing your apprenticeship, this can be realised.

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