Process mechanic for coating technology (f/m/x).

You look at the outside first? The perfect look, a unique colour and perfect workmanship - all of that has to be right? Then you are made for this training. Because you coat our vehicle bodies with paints and varnishes and make our motorcycles a unique design object that causes goose bumps and makes the heart of every motorcycle fan beat faster.

Das Bild zeigt zwei Azubis in einem BMW Group Werk.

What do you actually do as a process mechanic for coating technology (f/m/x) at the BMW Group? Join Isoolinho from "Azubifakten" on his discovery tour through our Berlin plant and see what he experienced.


What you will learn with us.

  • Basics of metalworking
  • Get to know different varnishes
  • Pre- and post-processing of surfaces
  • Dealing with modern, computer-controlled painting systems
  • Collaboration in the field of environmental technology
  • Creation of series, special and effect coatings of the highest quality

What you can expect afterwards.

  • Unlimited direct entry with above-tariff conditions into the Berlin plant
  • Assignments in the areas of paint shop and surface technology
  • Monitoring and control of our coating systems
  • Assumption of control and independent coordination of all manufacturing processes as well as quality assurance
  • Various training and specialisation options such as master craftsman (f/m/x), manufacturing specialist (f/m/x) or technician (f/m/x)

What you should bring along.

  • A passion for maths and chemistry
  • A real eye for shapes and colours
  • A talent for working with your hands
  • Determination and precision
  • Passion for our motorbikes
  • Enjoy working independently in a team
  • No allergies
  • Fluent in German (B2 level)
  • A good extended school-leaving certificate, an intermediate school-leaving certificate or advanced school-leaving certificate (A-Levels)


We offer you a takeover guarantee in the plants, attractive remuneration including Christmas and holiday pay, apprentice vehicle rental, optional stays abroad and many other benefits.

Apprenticeship duration.

3.5 years with the possibility to shorten the apprenticeship duration in case of very good school and company performances.

Apprenticeship locations.

The right application.

To apply for an apprenticeship at the BMW Group, please complete the following steps. Information on the application period can be found on the webpage of the location where you would like to start your apprenticeship (see below).

Hear from our apprentices.

This picture shows the apprentice Kevin.

"What I enjoy most about my apprenticeship? I always wanted to do something creative. I can do that now! What I like most is the finishing work and painting parts that you later see on the motorbikes on the road."

Apprentice Process Mechanic for Coating Technology.

This picture shows the apprentice Lina.

"In addition to wet painting, we also practise powder coating. Craftsmanship and a precise way of working are therefore important prerequisites, even though a large part of the painting process is now automatic."

Apprentice Process Mechanic for Coating Technology.

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