Page Overview: Apprenticeship Tool Mechanic (f/m/x)


Do you want to make technical ideas a reality? Then this training is just right for you. Because you have the know-how to manufacture, assemble and also repair state-of-the-art production systems, devices as well as punching and forming tools for industrial series production in order to bring "sheer driving pleasure" to the road.

What you will learn with us.

  • Various techniques of manual and mechanical material processing
  • Application of control techniques such as drilling, turning, milling, eroding, grinding, welding, CNC programming, CAD models and measurement technology
  • Planning, controlling, checking and controlling work processes
  • Quality control

What you can expect afterwards.

  • Unlimited direct entry  with above-tariff conditions
  • Collaboration on the latest technologies
  • Takeover of the manufacture, maintenance and servicing of tools and systems
  • Various training and specialisation options such as manufacturing specialist (f/m/x), master craftsman (f/m/x), technician (f/m/x) or a further study

What you should bring along.

  • Enthusiasm for technology
  • Skilled craftsmanship
  • Creativity
  • Reliability and accuracy
  • Enjoy working independently in a team
  • Spatial imagination and logical thinking
  • Enjoy working with technical drawings and devices
  • Fluent in German (B2 level)
  • Qualifying diploma from secondary school / secondary modern school or middle school (at least middle school diploma required for the Eisenach plant)

What you can look forward to.

  • Very good training remuneration incl. Christmas bonus and holiday pay
  • Flexible working hours and leisure time
  • Different and exciting tasks
  • A great atmosphere and a great team
  • Personal support
  • Development opportunities
  • Attractive vehicle rental
  • Subsidised residential facilities (only in Munich)
  • Subsidy for meals and travel expenses
  • Benefits and employee discounts
  • Company restaurants and cafeterias
  • Fitness and leisure opportunities

Apprenticeship duration.

3.5 years with the possibility to shorten the apprenticeship duration in case of very good school and company performances.

Apprenticeship locations.

The right application.

To apply for an apprenticeship at the BMW Group, please complete the following steps. Information on the application period can be found on the webpage of the location where you would like to start your apprenticeship (see below).

The picture shows a tool mechanic apprentice at BMW.

My highlight? Going home every day with the feeling of having achieved something.


Tool Mechanic

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