A job where you never stop learning...
SE-Teamlead Tyres
This picture shows Patrick who works at BMW.


After graduating from secondary school, like many of my schoolmates, I applied for an apprenticeship at the BMW Group in Dingolfing. I was accepted and therewith started my way into professional life with an apprenticeship as a toolmaker for stamping and forming technology.

My motivation was high right from the beginning as I was already enthusiastic about vehicles as a child. With the third year of my apprenticeship, the opportunity came up to participate in an internal development programme. The "business qualification programme" aimed to inspire and qualify technical apprentices for business professions. This proved to me that promoting employees is quite important to the BMW Group. Despite the double responsibility, I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and take on a new challenge. I was faced with a major change in my life, which required a change of location from Dingolfing to Munich and from toolmaking to purchasing. During my time in purchasing, I quickly realised that I also had higher ambitions when it came to further education. Therefore, I graduated from the BOS Technik school and shortly after that I was able to continue my studies in industrial engineering for the automotive industry.

During that time, I was able to reduce my working hours at the BMW Group and worked part-time. This enabled me to combine my studies and work very well, which I owe to a large extent to my then supervisor. My absolute highlight during this time was my foreign assignment to Mexico in the "International Purchasing Office" (IPO), where I spent five months supporting the colleagues on-site.

When I graduated, I switched to my current job in tyre development. Since August 2018, I’ve been responsible as SE team leader for the development of tyres of lower model ranges. Here I am the first point of contact for internal process partners and suppliers and therefore, work in a classic interface function. In addition to project management, tracking development statuses and controlling work tasks, my area of responsibility also includes supplier communication with our development partners. A job where you never stop learning...

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