Page Overview: Our Culture
The picture shows two laughing young women representing the company culture at BMW.

BMW Group's unique Corporate Culture.

What makes our corporate culture so unique? Our passion! Because someone who does great things day after day doesn’t just have a job – they have a calling.

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Our Secret.

The picture shows three employees talking at a BMW Motorrad dealership.

We make the difference.

“We” to us means acting together, inspiring each other and giving each other support. It’s precisely this 'we - mentality' that characterises our passion for vehicles and technology, and allows us to write a piece of automotive history every day. Whether it be research, development, marketing or production - at the BMW Group teamwork is essential when it comes to shaping the mobility of the future. We live trust and appreciation across all divisions and across all hierarchies, because we know that revolutionary innovations and unique products can only develop in an extraordinary corporate culture.

The picture shows a laughing worker in the BMW production.

Passion and enjoyment.

What does passion mean to us?

Passion means turning a job into a calling. Passion means going beyond the beaten path to create solutions that have never before been imagined. Passion means sharing visions to shape the future of mobility.

And above all, passion means joy. Because 'Sheer Driving Pleasure' arises from the joy of working. And that spurs us on to peak performance every day.


The picture shows a student listening intently to her mentor at BMW.
The picture shows three happy BMW employees returning to the office from their lunch break.
The picture shows a lively chat between three BMW employees.
The picture shows two men and two women working in the BMW legal department having a meeting in the office.
The picture shows a BMW employee explaining something to a colleague on the basis of a table.

Stay up to date.

The picture is a closeup of a BMW production machine.

Sustainability at the BMW Group.

The BMW Group aspires to be the most successful and sustainable premium producer for individual mobility.


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The image shows the “The next 100 years” logo on a white background.

The next 100 years.

How we are creating the future.

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The picture shows the BMW Tower in Munich and around the image, written on white background, important company characteristics.

Company portrait.

Innovative, sustainable, visionary: a profile of the BMW Group.

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The picture represents the job culture by showing two BMW production employees.

Working at the BMW Group.

The passion for visionary projects that transcend limits and lead the way is our common drive.

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