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BMW Group Diversity: We welcome everyone



We see the difference and are happy about it. The diverse input of our employees from over 120 countries makes us what we are: a Bavarian automotive brand that is at home in the world. Diversity – in every form – is one of the most important success factors for us. Because as diverse as our customers, suppliers and investors are worldwide, so diverse are our teams, which manage to put a smile on our customers' faces every day.

And we know that passion knows no differences, so we encourage diversity in all our teams. Because if you want to set standards in the development of innovative technologies, you also have to go ahead with the corporate culture. With this diversity in our teams, we are able to better understand, reflect on, and make smarter decisions of our stakeholders around the world. Our diversity is the cornerstone of our company's success and not only secures our innovative strength, but also our long-term competitiveness.


BMW Group Diversity: Employees at their workplace

Women and men.

To us, equal opportunities for men and women are not an empty promise, but a reality we live by – every day and everywhere. Because we know that it’s the varied and mutually complementary perspectives and approaches of each individual that make us strong enough to face our challenges.

The skills of our female colleagues are an essential element to the success of the BMW Group. Not only do we appreciate their expertise and dedication - but also their communicative skills which prove invaluable in creating a better togetherness

BMW Group Diversity: Logistics employees share their experience

Young to old.

The average number of years an employee works for the BMW Group is increasing. This is due to an earlier entry into the company, as well as a later exit, e.g. due to rising retirement ages. In order to benefit from the strengths and experiences of employees of different ages, we’ve introduced a variety of programmes for flexible and mobile working.

An employee in a wheelchair with colleagues in a meeting.

People with and without disabilities.

By creating optimal, barrier-free working conditions we ensure that all of our colleagues, whether they have a disability or not, feel comfortable and empowered to shape creative processes from a variety of different perspectives. Because we know that different perspectives play an essential role in us achieving great things together, every day. We use innovative digitalisation and industry 4.0 solutions to make work easier, in particular for our colleagues with disabilities. We also get involved outside of our company e.g. through cooperations with programmes for the disabled.

Employees from different cultures are having a discussion.

People from all over the world.

We are proud to have colleagues from over 140 different nations in our teams, and strive to promote cultural exchange through targeted talent development, inter-cultural engagement and intensive international exchange. 

BMW Group Diversity: The LGBT Cummunity Forum brings colour to our company


For us, diversity means living a culture that is based on appreciation and respect, so that people of all origins can contribute and develop with their personality and identity. BMW Group PRIDE stands for exactly that. The network acts as the mouthpiece of the LGBT+ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, others) where diversity, equality, trust, respect and inclusion come first. Together, we ensure a positive, tolerant and open work environment in which everyone is welcome regardless of their sexual identity.

BMW Group Diversity: We are a member of the "Charta der Vielfalt e. V.".

Diversity Charter.

In 2011, we took a proactive approach to the topic of diversity by joining the Diversity Charter, a corporate initiative dedicated to making recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity a part of German corporate culture. By signing the Charter, we pledged to create a working environment free of prejudice.

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