When our deaf apprentices talk about a BMW, they pat their chin three times with their fists, for B-M-W, and bend their arms to the biceps, for power. They agreed on the hand signals with their trainers and the other apprentices. As not all terms are given in the deaf language – you have to get creative. A handicap is often a challenge, but definitely not an obstacle for us: together with their trainers, all our deaf apprentices and apprenticeship colleagues prove this anew every day. We – at the BMW Group in Leipzig and Eisenach – are working closely together with the occupational training centre and can therefore already offer apprenticeships specifically for people with hearing impairments in various job fields.

This is a special form of apprenticeship that particularly promotes individual talents and strengths and thus optimally prepares for a future at the BMW Group. In order to further promote our diversity, we are constantly working on new apprenticeship opportunities and would like to include not only other locations, but also professions in the future.

Deaf apprentice in the BMW Group plant Leipzig.
Apprenticeship for the deaf in the BMW Group plants Leipzig and Eisenach.


The application takes place via the regular job advertisements for our apprenticeships. The
supported job fields are in particular:

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