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The picture shows an industrial mechanic apprentice working at a BMW work shop.

DuBAS: Dual vocational apprenticeship with a university entrance qualification.

Are you motivated and want to achieve a lot in a short time? Then you have landed in the right place. Within the framework of the DuBAS, a dual vocational apprenticeship with university entrance qualification, vocational school and technical college are combined. After successful completion of your four-year course, you will receive two degrees in one go: a diploma or vocational qualification and a general university entrance qualification.

The smartest way to an education and university entrance qualification: dual.

The practical apprenticeship and the theoretical part in the form of study hours takes place in block sections: the classroom study part covers 37 weeks and alternates with the company apprenticeship in three to six week blocks. After successful completion of school and vocational training graduates will have many opportunities to build a career with us. In addition to studying at a university you can also attend a school for master craftsmen or complete our bachelor program speedUp.

Apprenticeship and university entrance qualification: Receive two degrees at the same time with the BMW Group


Requirements for the participation in the DuBAS program are, besides a high degree of performance, self-initiative and teamwork, O-levels or equivalent as well as good to very good final certificate grades in German, English, mathematics and physics.


We are currently offering the following dual vocational apprenticeship with a university entrance qualification (DuBAS) at our Leipzig location:

In the DuBAS program, both the training as an industrial mechanic (f/m/x) as well as the employment takes place at the BMW Group plant in Leipzig.

Former DuBAS participants benefit from our Alumni network. For the registration send an e-Mail to

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