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Our Future – driven by diversity. Other job fields at the BMW Group.

The sheer driving pleasure our customers experience every time they get behind the wheel of a BMW has never just been the result of the efforts of our engineers or production staff. But in the modern world of automotive, the myriad people who now contribute towards creating this feeling is greater than ever. Some 130,000 people make up the BMW Group worldwide, and it’s their diverse passions, skills and daily commitment to making a difference that is shaping our vision for the future of mobility. And it’s a future that opens up a broader range of career possibilities and opportunities than you may imagine.

Of course, many of our people have studied or trained in the classic disciplines of engineering that you would associate with a career in automotive, but increasingly, the diversity of our operations means we are also regularly looking for new talent in fields from software development to finance and beyond.

Todays’ BMW Group comprises a growing number of entities geared to providing complete future mobility solutions. And our subsidiaries like BMW AG, BMW Car IT, BMW Bank and alphabet open up new opportunities in a diverse range of fields where anyone with training as an industrial clerk, a humanities, economics or science degree will find challenges to match their highest ambitions.

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SCIENTISTS – driving future experimentation.

Our scientists play a crucial role when it comes to identifying promising new areas for research and ensuring our product development is always based on scientifically sound principles. Their in-depth knowledge of physical, mathematical and chemical relationships is key to developing promising new solutions for everything from e-vehicle battery technologies and fuel cell propulsion to the next-generation of smart polymers. That’s why we are always looking for new scientists with a passion for mobility and collaboration to bring fresh ideas and impetus to our research and development teams. 

Economic Know-how.


A global organization like ours couldn’t function without the financial and economic specialists that manage and drive our daily business operations. Many of our customers would also struggle to realise their dream of owning or leasing a BMW without the support of our financial services teams. That’s why we are always looking for motivated economic experts with a passion for numbers to help us continue adding value across all areas of our business – from controlling to marketing & sales, and from financial services to e-commerce, and beyond.

BMW Bank.

BMW Bank GmbH is one of the leading German providers of automotive banking and financial services. Here, our dynamic teams of experts are continuously developing new concepts for tailored financial products that will enable more people to afford their dream of owning or leasing a BMW. That’s why we are always looking for new creative minds with financial acumen and a passion for customer service to help us continue pioneering the way in areas from leasing and financing to risk management and distribution.


Alphabet is a subsidiary of the BMW Group that specialises in providing next-generation business mobility services. With more than 600,000 vehicles in 19 countries, it is a world leader in corporate leasing, financing and fleet management and a global pioneer of new business mobility services in areas like corporate car sharing and e-mobility. In order to continue shaping the way the world of business moves in future, they are always looking for passionate creative minds with a background in economics to bolster their teams of cross-thematic specialists.

Social Scientists and Humanities Graduates.

Social scientists and humanities graduates: DRIVING FUTURE COMMUNICATIONS.

A global company like ours couldn’t function without the dynamic communication teams that expertly manage our internal and external relationships on a daily basis. From corporate and brand communications to customer relationship management, human resources to logistics, process and quality management to service and sales – great communicators are key to ensuring everything runs smoothly by keeping everybody up to date and on the same page. That’s why we are always looking for arts and humanities graduates with a passion for communication and people to help us establish and foster great working relationships – and continue writing the unfolding story of our brand.

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The picture represents the job culture by showing two BMW production employees.

Working at the BMW Group.

The passion for visionary projects that transcend limits and lead the way is our common drive.

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A perfect car is the result of a perfect process. Our production – a magical place.

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Our social media channels.

Whether the latest peeks behind the scenes or current entry opportunities – using our social channels, you can always stay up to date.

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All job fields at the BMW Group.

Be it production, research or IT – experts from the most diverse departments are working passionately and with great dedication to shape the future of mobility.

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