• You are seeking to follow a technical degree or you are already enrolled as a student (f/m/x).
  • It needs to be a compulsory internship. This means that the pre-study internship is either a prerequisite for enrolling at your university or necessary in order to move to the next semester.
  • Good university entrance qualification, especially in the scientific subjects.


  • The duration of your internship depends on the prerequisites of the examination rules of your course of studies.
  • As a general rule, internships are absolved in full-time which means 35 hours per week.
  • The monthly payment depends on whether you are already enrolled or not.


You can apply twice a year for a pre-study internship. You’ll find the advertised positions in our Job Finder during these application periods.

15 Feb – 31 March: for an internship from May until November
15 Sep – 15 Oct: for an internship from December until April

Please enclose the following documents to your application:

  • CV
  • University admission or
  • Examination rules of your course of studies
  • Certificate of matriculation, if you are already enrolled
  • The form “Proof of pre-study internship duration”
  • Your preferred duration of your internship