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The picture shows a laughing BMW apprentice working on assembling a car body.

Discover your strengths with the vocational training “TaLEnt”.

"TaLEnt" is all about talent oriented learning and development. It is a special kind of training that promotes your talents and strengths and offers the best possible preparation for a future at the BMW Group. The BMW Group offers apprenticeships for a variety of occupations, predominantly in the technical field but also in IT-related and non-technical positions. TaLEnt is currently offered at six BMW Group plant locations. The application period starts approximately one year before the start of the apprenticeship.

This is how TaLEnt works.

In the first year of training, we provide you and all the other apprentices from different occupations with essential basic know-how. At the same time you have the opportunity to broaden your horizons and explore various alternatives to your own chosen occupation. It goes without saying that dedicated personal support and coaching are also provided - so that you can continue to build on your strengths and work out exactly which professional direction you want to go in. Based on the requirements of the organisation and on your personal preferences, it is possible to agree on a change of occupation after completion of the basic qualification.

Basic, advanced and specialist knowledge: The course of apprenticeships at the BMW Group

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