Our car salesperson programme.

Get on your own road to success.

Not many car brands excite people the way BMW or MINI do. But the success of our cars on the market also depends on how enthusiastic our salespeople are.

If you can make our customers feel how much you love BMW or MINI, that's a great start. If you can work in a performance and success oriented way and are a people's person, that's even better. This is because the key to success in this career is the ability to continuously adapt to personalities, lifestyles, interests and desires. It means you can give our customers the best support throughout their decision-making process, give them professional advice and ultimately convince them they have made the right decision.

We will provide everything else you need to excel. We offer a training scheme for beginners with or without initial professional experience which is the only one of its kind in this industry: the BMW Group car salesperson programme. This modular salesperson training programme is considered continued or further education (not an apprenticeship) and gives salespeople advanced qualifications in a short time.

Application requirements.

You will have completed your commercial and/or technical professional training, or completed your degree, and ideally have initial professional experience. For example, you may have completed vocational training as a car salesperson. In addition, you will be enthusiastic, love working with people and be able to empathise well with their lifestyles, interests and desires. If this is you, we look forward to receiving your application!

Programme contents: modular and individual.

The programme is modular and lasts for a maximum of twelve months. This means we can respond to you at your individual entry level alongside any professional experience you may have, develop your strengths in a targeted way and give you precisely the information and skills that are important to you. Generally, new starters progress through all modules. Starters with professional experience make their own way, tailored to their skill level, through the programme.

This is where all entrants are brought up to a certain level of knowledge, particularly in product knowledge. This is done via our in-house training platform or the one-week BMW STARTER introductory training programme for junior salespeople. After that, you will be familiar with the BMW brand and the steps of the sales process, the product lines and the BMW technologies most important for sales. You will now be able to conduct your first consultations.

The two-week BMW BASIS module forms the core of the training programme. The aim of the BASIS training programme is for you to not only learn the content, but also to be able to put it into practice. You will get to know the essential consultation techniques, amongst other things, and will be able to apply them directly to every step from initial contact to delivery. On completion of your BMW BASIS training programme, you will demonstrate your expertise in an exam and an oral test.

In the advanced modules, salespeople will be able to expand and extend their existing skills and proficiencies as needed. In these modules, we work through real-life cases, do a lot of role-playing and work closely with the BMW and MINI retail centers and retail organisations.

In addition to general sales skills, salespeople will have additional requirements depending on their department, the size of the retail operation or current framework conditions. For this, we offer needs-oriented specialist modules which will qualify you for new topics.

At the end of the training you will receive a BMW or MINI graduate diploma. It certifies that you have graduated from junior to senior salesperson. In addition, you will have the option of acquiring the 'Certified Car Salesperson' certificate. An interesting detail: Our car salespeople get a company car after just seven months.

How to apply.

You will automatically be entered into the car salesperson programme if you have successfully applied to become a junior salesperson. You can find vacancies for salespeople in BMW dealerships in our online job market within the job field Sales.

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