Our selection process.

Our selection process should enable all parties to make an informed decision. It should not only allow us to find out whether an applicant is right for us, but also allow the applicant to see whether they can imagine working with us in a specific role.

Depending on the applicant’s entry level and desired occupation, we’ll use a variety of selection criteria and selection tools to assess each candidate.

At the start of each selection process we will consider the job requirements of the specific position. From these we’ll develop our selection criteria, and decide how to best measure these criteria in order to reach a decision.

Possible steps in our selection process are described in more detail below.

Bewerbungstipps Telefoninterview

Telephone interview.

In the further selection steps, we’ll look at how well the candidate suits our defined requirements (e.g. teamwork, motivation, performance).

A telephone interview is often the next step, before a selection day or a face-to-face interview. For the telephone interview, the applicant will be called either by the HR Department or the department seeking to fill the specific position. The interview will follow our specific interview structure tailored to the job in question. The focus of the conversation will lie on the candidate's personal background, his or her specialist knowledge and the overall suitability. This is also an opportunity for both sides to cover any outstanding questions. For some applicants we now use a synchronous, or staggered video interview, which basically fulfills the same objectives.

Bewerbungstipp Vorstellungsgespräch

Job interview.

The classic selection tool is of course the traditional face-to-face interview. It’s an integral part of every selection process. In some circumstances, for example for applications from abroad, a telephone or video interview can substitute the face-to-face interview. The aim is to get a personal impression of the candidate in a conversational situation with representatives from the specialist department and the HR department. Using an interview structure tailored specifically to the job in question, as well as on biographic information and short case studies, we will determine the fit of the candidate to the position and subject area. Additionally, topics such as salary expectations or possible starting dates are discussed. At the end of the interview, all parties should have enough information to make a valid decision.

Bewerbungstipp Asessment Center

Assessment Center.

The Selection Day, otherwise known as the Assessment Center, is a way for us to get to know each other personally. Here trained observers from various departments, including the HR department, observe and test applicants or groups of applicants in a variety of real-life situations. The structure of the selection day is determined by the selection criteria, and varies depending on the applicant types (school leavers, students, graduates, etc.). The following tools might be used:

  • Self-presentation
  • Group exercise/group discussion
  • Computer-aided testing
  • Sample work
  • Presentation on a specialist topic
  • Role-playing tasks
  • Short interview


Whichever process is used – for us, the personality of the applicant is the most important aspect. Within the process, we want to find out how well the respective person fits in with us and our values. Staying true to oneself and being honest – is therefore essential in every step.