The AcceleratiON programme has provided me with a deeper understanding of various perspectives, decision-making processes and the diverse areas that exist within BMW. One of the most valuable aspects of this programme is the opportunity to develop a large network throughout the company. This network of like-minded individuals is truly invaluable, as it creates a supportive community where everyone can share their ideas and is driven to make a meaningful impact.
Head of Production Strategy.

Anna studied Industrial Engineering at the RWTH Aachen University before starting as a Trainee in the field of Purchasing. After completing the AcceleratiON programme she worked in different areas, from assembly planning at plant Spartanburg to different strategic projects. Currently she is leading the production strategy of the BMW Group.

Anna, what is your career path with the BMW Group?

After successfully completing the AcceleratiON programme in 2016 I started my first role in the assembly planning, for plant Spartanburg. My main goal was to earn professional experience that I could use throughout my career. Over the next seven years, I had the opportunity to delve into various areas, including production strategy for energy modules and high-voltage batteries. This involved working on long-term plant development and production network expansion. In addition, I worked as a project manager in the electric drivetrain department. During this time, I also experienced the joy of becoming a parent of two wonderful sons, who are currently 2,5 years and 1 year old. After my most recent parental leave, I returned into my new role where I’m currently leading the production strategy for BMW, in a joint leadership position. In this role, my team and I are responsible for developing the strategic framework for the production at BMW, while ensuring efficient management of the production division. I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have had at BMW, and I am excited to continue contributing to the success of the company.

What makes working at the BMW Group special for you?

To me, BMW feels like a big family, which is very special. You meet so many different people and have the chance to network. It's amazing to be part of a world where everyone shares the common goal of bringing exceptional cars to the road. This shared passion and camaraderie have made me feel right at home in this dynamic and exciting environment.



You started your career at the BMW Group with the AcceleratiON programme. What motivated you to apply for the programme?

On the one hand, I have always been interested in a trainee programme, as I knew it would provide a comprehensive overview of the company. This made it easier for me to decide in which direction I wanted to develop. On the other side, when a friend, who had completed the programme, highly recommended BMW, my interest grew even stronger. Additionally, I was captivated by the topic of e-mobility, an area where BMW was a pioneering force at the time. With all these factors aligning, joining BMW became an obvious and exciting decision for me.

Do you have a particular highlight in your time as a trainee?

The most valuable experience during my time as a trainee has been my involvement in the early project phase of the plant in Mexico. I had the opportunity to create and develop a lot and also gained insights into a wide range of topics. It was during this experience that I realised I am exactly where I belong. 

How did the programme help you get to your current position?

In my opinion the programme gives you a very good overview of the different departments and areas within BMW. It has deepened my understanding of various perspectives, decision-making processes, and the diverse range of opportunities available within the company. One of the most valuable aspects is the chance to develop a large network throughout the company, especially among the trainees.

How was the change to your first position after the programme?

The transition to my first position after the programme was seamless. I talked to different departments and didn’t focus on a special area or department. In the end, I could choose from different offers, based on my requirements and goals.

Do you have any advice for anyone interested in the AcceleratiON programme?

My advice to anyone interested in the AcceleratiON programme would be to go for it without hesitation. This programme offers you an excellent foundation and perfectly prepares you for your career at BMW. The network of like-minded individuals, which you develop is truly invaluable, as it creates a supportive community where everyone can share their ideas and is driven to make a meaningful impact.

Looking back, would you do it again?

Yes, right away.

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