Joshua, Engineering Technician apprentice, MINI Plant Swindon

Fresh perspectives and positive impacts.

For me, the chance to gain first-hand work experience at BMW Group and study at university at the same time was an attractive opportunity. BMW Group’s investment into their apprenticeship scheme sets them apart and attracted me to the opportunities on offer here.

Once I’d completed my A Levels, I didn’t like the idea of going away to study at university full-time. Now, as an Engineering Technician apprentice at MINI Plant Swindon, I can continue my education and study for my degree – paid for entirely by BMW Group – while also gaining valuable work experience from a world-renowned car manufacturer. 

A definite highlight has been working on an autonomous project here at MINI Plant Swindon. The project was the first of its size within the BMW Group UK plants, and I gained a detailed insight into the logistics and movements of parts using automated guided vehicles. This project had a real impact on the business, and it really demonstrated just how much BMW Group value their apprentices. 

Being involved in lots of different projects – and presenting them to colleagues both in and outside my own department – has helped me feel more confident and mature. 

I’ve been told that fresh eyes bring fresh perspectives. I feel like that is especially true when, like me, you’re a young apprentice taking your first steps into the industry. BMW Group are keen to include their apprentices wherever possible. My managers are always keen to seek my ideas and opinions and implement them. It feels like my perspective really matters and can make a positive impact on the business.


Engineering Technician apprentice, MINI Plant Swindon

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