Page Overview: Our Culture
The picture shows two laughing young women representing the company culture at BMW.


A constant striving for innovation, for something new and better, is a concept deeply anchored in the corporate culture of the BMW Group – in the thinking of all colleagues, in our processes and also in the identity of our brands.

But what makes our corporate culture so unique? Our passion and the drive to shape the sustainable and individual mobility of tomorrow! Because someone who does great things day after day does not just have a job – they have a calling.

Our core values.

Meeting mit BMW Mitarbeitern


We are excited by change and open to new opportunities. We learn from our mistakes in order to create our future. We take our colleagues' ideas seriously, because every little impulse can turn into something great.  

Zwei Mitarbeiter besprechen ihre Arbeitsergebnisse.


We do not embellish, but point out contradictions constructively. We act with integrity and talk to each other. This is the only way to create trust and bring our visions onto the streets.

Ein Ausbilder zeigt dem Azubi in der Werkstatt die Vorgänge.


We take consistent decisions and commit to them personally. This allows us to work freely and more effectively. By taking responsibility for our own projects, we can develop ourselves further personally.

Das Bild zeigt ein Teammeeting in entspannter Atmosphäre.


We trust and rely on each other. We are a team that sticks together and only grows together. This is essential if we are to act swiftly and achieve our goals which take us further.

Eine Werkstattmitarbeiterin erklärt einem Kollegen etwas.


We reflect on our actions, respect each other. Clarity, feedback and celebrating each other's success are crucial for a positive working atmosphere. Every individual makes a difference.

Welcome Neon Sign.


At BMW Group, we’re home to a lot of people. People from all walks of life, with a variety of backgrounds that make them who they are. Whose stories and unique life experiences shape the company we are. Because as diverse as our customers, suppliers and investors are worldwide, so too are our teams.

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