Go from half term to long term with Girls Go Technical.

Want to see if engineering could be right for you, or get hands on in one of our manufacturing plants? Our Girls Go Technical work experience programme is a great way to explore your options during half term.

The programme is open to young women in Year 11 or above, and runs for three days, over half term. You’ll spend your first two days at either Plant Hams Hall, Plant Oxford or Plant Swindon, whichever you apply for. On the first day, you’ll take a tour of the Plant and learn more about the work we do at BMW Group. Day two will be all about getting hands on and being able to get a feel for our products and working environment. Then you’ll spend your final day at Plant Oxford, together with the other Girls Go Technical participants and you’ll find out more about what our apprenticeships involve. You’ll also get the chance to ask any questions you might have as you network with your peers and our teams.

Joining our Girls Go Technical work experience programme will give you the confidence you need to choose where you focus your future career.

Our 2020 Girls Go Technical programme is now closed for applications.

The scheme showed me how I can get involved and I’d say that the skills I gained were invaluable. It’s really helped me explore my options. Now I’m an apprentice and I’m confident about the way my career is going.
Maisie McDonnell, maintenance apprentice, BMW Group Plant Hams Hall
Maisie McDonnell, a maintenance apprentice at BMW Group Plant Hams Hall during her work
Sophie, an apprentice maintenance technician working at MINI Plant Oxford
I was at the Oxford plant for the duration of my work experience. It was very hands-on and we got to see the whole process that a car goes through in the plant.
Sophie, apprentice maintenance technician, MINI Plant Oxford
The number of women at BMW Group is growing and going on this programme was a way for us to see for ourselves that there’s no reason why women can’t work here. As long as you have the interest, you’ll succeed.
Danielle, apprentice technician, MINI Plant Swindon
Danielle, an apprentice technician, working on a computer at the MINI Plant Swindon

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