Alice, Engineering Technician apprentice, MINI Plant Swindon

The only place to grow is outside of your comfort zone.

I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do for a career before I started the apprenticeship scheme here at BMW Group, but I’ve absolutely loved it! As an Engineer Technician apprentice, I’m currently working my way through a four-year apprenticeship and have recently been doing three-month placements around MINI’s Swindon plant.

My brother was an apprentice at BMW Group a few years ago. When he told me there was a work experience programme looking to bring more women into the industry, I thought it was too good an opportunity to miss. BMW Group is a world-leading car company – it’s been fascinating to see their innovation and technology up close like Automated Guide Vehicles and the new press shop. 

Meeting and working with new people and learning something new every single day has been a highlight of the course so far. Networking with colleagues in the Oxford and Swindon plants, as well as those further away in Europe, has really improved my confidence and communication skills, something I always struggled with at school and college. 

With BMW Group’s support I’ve really been able to focus and concentrate on my studies. I’ve grown and progressed as a person at BMW Group. My colleagues are always pushing me to work outside of my comfort zone and learn something new, allowing me to lead projects and making sure my voice is heard in meetings. 

It was quite a daunting and intimidating environment to step into after leaving college! But everyone has been really welcoming and helpful. Having different placements around the plant has also helped me make plenty of friends throughout the site. Hopefully, in the future, I’ll be able to travel to some of BMW Group’s other sites across the UK and world and learn even more! 


Engineering Technician apprentice, MINI Plant Swindon

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