The collection and processing of your personal data (title, first name, last name, email) is required for sending the AcceleratiON reminder by email. Title, first name and last name are needed so that the person submitting the request can be addressed personally and the email address is required for sending the newsletter. We are unable to send the reminder without this personal information and the service cannot be used. The data collected is only stored and processed by BMW AG for the purpose of sending the AcceleratiON reminder. You may withdraw your consent to receive the reminder at any time by clicking on "Unsubscribe newsletter" directly in the reminder email. Your data will then be deleted. Further information on data protection, as well as your rights, can be found in our privacy policy. The BMW AG handles your personal information confidentially, in compliance with all current information protection law.

I allow my personal information to be stored and further processed in compliance with current information protection laws for the purpose of being sent a reminder.

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