Toronto skyline and Lake Ontario aerial view, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 1155550865
Toronto skyline and Lake Ontario aerial view, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 1155550865

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Few, if any, automobile manufacturers have a distinct, continuous character and a consistent personality. BMW does. At BMW we are always striving, working, empowering, changing, creating and thinking. Our culture allows us to translate passion into energy, empowerment into innovative ideas and high performance into successes. We recognize our associates determine our success.  

BMW Group Canada understands that our associates determine the success of our company. We are proud to say our associates are team-oriented, high performers that are passionate towards our brands and products. Substantial care has gone into creating an exceptional working environment that motivates and retains our current workforce. If you want to be passionate about your job and the company you work for, then BMW Group Canada is just the place for you.


Opened in 2010, this state-of-the-art facility is located on a 5.75-acre green field site in the Richmond Hill suburb of Toronto.

It is home to over 250 BMW associates who support the Canadian sales operations for BMW automobiles, motorcycles and MINI – and provide financing and leasing solutions through BMW Financial Services.

Built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards, the glass-fronted eco-friendly building utilizes open spaces and natural light to both save energy and provide an exceptionally comfortable modern working environment. Just some of the building’s many innovative features include, individually controlled air ventilation panels for each workstation and blinds that automatically adjust to the level of sunlight.

We have a subsidized cafeteria on the first floor, which offers an excellent choice of breakfast and lunch menus, plus vending machines and facilities for those who prefer to make their own meals. Private changing rooms and showers are also provided for those who bike to work or exercise during their lunch break.

Within easy reach of local shops, restaurants and Richmond Green park, we’re also well served by highways 404 and 407 for an easy commute.


Neon Sign reading 'Toronto' at the waterfront in Toronto.

This dynamic international city is Canada’s economic heart and a melting pot of multiculturalism. Home to over 2.7 million people, it offers all the diverse benefits of big city living for those who want it but is surrounded by smaller suburbs for those who prefer to take a step back from the bustle of city life.

Over half of Toronto’s inhabitants were born outside of Canada, which gives the city a true cosmopolitan flavour. This is reflected on the city’s vibrant streets in neighbourhoods like Chinatown, Greektown, Little Italy, Portugal Village and Little India where the sights, sounds and smells of different world cultures can be explored in microcosm – and restaurants serve up gastronomic delights from every corner of the world.

The city celebrates its diverse cultural roots with festivals all year round and boasts a thriving arts and entertainment scene with great nightlife. As Canada’s cultural hub, the city is home to some of the country’s biggest attractions as well as a variety of major league sporting teams, including its beloved Maple Leafs ice hockey team.

Located on the northwest shore of Lake Ontario just across from the US border, Toronto is also beautifully situated as a base from which to explore the Great Lakes and its nearest neighbour. For those who enjoy outdoor pursuits, there’s also a huge range of leisure and recreational activities to discover.

Toronto has a humid continental climate with warm summers, cold winters – and four distinct seasons. It offers great quality of life and a high standard of living with all the benefits you’d associate with a wealthy city of its size. Educational facilities are excellent, healthcare is plentiful and infrastructure is good. With its multicultural character, Toronto is also a hugely tolerant place to live that positively embraces diversity and has one of the lowest crime rates of all North American cities.

Waterfront in Toronto.

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