The picture represents the job culture by showing two BMW production employees.


We believe in supporting a progressive culture that allows all our associates to feel at home, enjoy equal opportunities and grow with us. That’s why our culture is founded on 5 core values, which set the tone for how we work together and treat each other in order to empower us all – and foster a unique team spirit.

Our core values:


We make consistent decisions and commit to them personally. This allows us to work freely and more effectively.


We reflect on our actions, respect each other, offer clear feedback and celebrate success.


We acknowledge concern and identify inconsistencies in a constructive way. We act with integrity.


We trust and rely on each other. This is essential if we are to act swiftly and achieve our goals.


We are excited by change and open to new opportunities. We learn from our mistakes.

Did you know?

The image shows Kaitlyn Bergeron a Senior Specialist working in Customer Experience at BMW.
The image shows Riley Weichel, an Experiential Marketing intern at BMW.
The image shows a portrait of Adrian Caldarola, a Group Sales Analyst at BMW.

The view from...

The image shows Alex Welsh, a Motorrad Marketing Coordinator at the BMW Group Canada.

I enjoy the fact that BMW is global company that promotes an entrepreneurial spirit.

Alex Welsh, Motorrad Marketing Coordinator, BMW Group Canada

The image shows Holly Strobel, a Retailer CRM Systems Manager at the BMW Group Canada.

I’ve always wanted to work at BMW so when the opportunity finally came up, I was so excited.

Holly Strobel, Retailer CRM Systems Manager, BMW Group Canada

The image shows Nato Beridze, a Senior Financial Analyst working at BMW Group Financial Services Canada.

I keep telling people “I grew up here” as I learned so much along the way. I grew fond of people I work with and fell in love with the brand.

Nato Beridze, Senior Financial Analyst, BMW Group Financial Services Canada

The image shows Azeem Shah, a Retail Marketing Specialist at BMW Group Canada, sitting in a car.

What makes working at BMW special for me is how creativity and thinking outside the box is revered. I am able to mix my passion for cars and creativity every day – no matter what I am working on.

Azeem Shah, Retail Marketing Specialist, BMW Group Canada

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