Manager, BMW Motorrad Marketing, BMW Group Canada.

The image shows Alex Welsh, a Motorrad Marketing Coordinator at the BMW Group Canada.


What have you enjoyed most working at BMW Group Canada? What gets you most excited about coming to work?

What I have enjoyed most about working at BMW Group Canada is the incredible culture of passion in every aspect of the organization. The team here is not just dedicated to their work; they are enthusiasts of the brand and what it represents—innovation, quality, and performance. The prospect of facing new challenges and the continuous learning opportunities that arise from being at the forefront of mobility and technology are what drive my enthusiasm and commitment to BMW Group Canada.


What’s special about working at BMW Group Canada?

The people. The team here is great, our Retail partners are exceptional, and our customers are the best. The reality is that our customers don’t need us for their mobility needs. Our customers choose a BMW Motorcycle because it’s their passion and that creates a sense of comradery in my day to day working environment that you don’t find within many careers.  


On which project/topic are you currently working? What was your most exciting project?

My role is interesting because although we share the same building as our automotive colleague’s, we very much operate within the leisure/powersports industry. Which is great, because we can certainly leverage the marketing activities and platforms that our automotive team engage in, but we recognize that it doesn’t always makes sense for us and our business. So, it’s nice to be able to have the transparency to evaluate the opportunities with the flexibility to decide what makes the most sense for our customers. 


How would you describe your coworkers and managers? How is your team like?

The team here within BMW Motorrad Canada is second to none. Everyone is a rider; everyone is enthusiastic about the product and brand which breeds a culture of comradery. 

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