The BMW Scholars Program is a two-year apprenticeship program that partners with local area technical colleges. The program allows students in manufacturing-related degrees to attend class full-time while working part-time at BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC.

This program allows students to further their education while gaining valuable experience in a high-tech manufacturing environment with the potential of becoming candidates for full-time employment at BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC after successful completion.

Our partnering colleges, Greenville Technical College, Spartanburg Community College, Piedmont Technical College, and Tri-County Technical College, offer the programs and support you need to achieve your educational and career goals. They provide high-quality learning opportunities at a cost people can afford from locations they can reach. Since the Scholar Program began in 2011, the colleges have worked with BMW to deliver relevant skills, giving students what they need to qualify for great jobs and succeed in their careers.


How do I apply?

Students should discuss the application process with the BMW Scholars Program representative at one of the four partner colleges.



  • Full-time student status at one of the partner colleges and commitment to attend school year round is required
  • Students must be enrolled in a degree related to one of the BMW Scholar program tracks such as Mechatronics, Automotive, Machine Tool Technology and Business Management/Supply Chain Management
  • Students must be entering or in their 1st – 3rd semester of degree study to be considered
  • Minimum 2.8 GPA required
  • Successful completion of the pre-placement physical and substance abuse tests is required
  • Commitment to working up to 20 hours per week at BMW during the course of the program
  • Participation in internal BMW MC training is required



Students are enrolled in classes full-time and actively participate in the Scholars Program, while being provided with tuition assistance and part-time employment at a competitive wage each semester. BMW Scholars are eligible for the BMW Group Medical and Prescription coverage along with their dependents.

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