As a world-class leader in the automotive industry, BMW Manufacturing is constantly searching for talented individuals who can help us shape the future of mobility. With BMW, you will be able to put your talent to work, experience our working culture up close, and develop the knowledge to be considered for a full-time BMW associate position.

In the BMW Fast Track Scholar Program, BMW will hire recent graduates or experienced individuals who have already graduated with an associate’s degree within the last three years. Technical degrees such as Mechatronics, Automotive Technology or Computer Technology are highly preferred. They will enter an aggressive training program using the well-established BMW Scholars curriculum. These candidates will train 40 hours a week in rotations between Body Shop, Paint Shop, and Assembly.



  • Applicants must hold a degree related to one of the program tracks such as Mechatronics, Electronics Engineering, Industrial Electronics, Automated Manufacturing, Automotive Technology or Computer Technology
  • Minimum 2.8 GPA required
  • Successful completion of pre-placement physical and substance abuse tests is required
  • Commitment to work up to 40 hours per week at BMW during the program
  • Participation in internal BMW Manufacturing training is required



Competitive starting wage, medical and prescription coverage is available.

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