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BMW corporate office building at Park Plaza Torre III, Santa Fe, Mexico City


While physically located in Mexico, the Marketing, Sales and Finance office is responsible for the entire Latin American and Caribbean regions. Here the company manages the company’s business strategy, covering a total of 28 countries. Delivering continuous growth, Mexico is the most important market in this region.


People getting in a red MINI standing on the street among other BMW cars


Mexico City is one of the most enjoyable destinations. Especially its historic center, also called Zocalo which is declared as World Heritage by UNESCO, attracts thousands of tourists each year. It builds the heart of a living culture in Mexico City that exudes everything since the foundation through the Tenochtitlan. Moreover, Mexico City is well known for its art scenery, cuisine and breathtaking museums in the world. In addition to its touristic value, Mexico City is one of the most important economic centers not only in Latin America but world-wide. The city is ranked as the 8th richest urban agglomeration in the world after Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Paris, London and Osaka.

Due to its geographical location in the central of Mexico, the city is the home of many of the largest banks of the country and has its own business district and stock exchange. In addition, the main industries that Mexico City is involved in, are construction works, the production of iron and steel, textiles, plastics, furniture and cement.

Overall, Mexico City has a thriving reputation throughout the world due to their well-preserved historic center, their involvement and development of the art industry as well as their colorful cuisine. If you haven’t been there yet, you are definitely missing out!

About BMW Group Mexico City.

The BMW Group Mexico aims to provide its employees guidance and motivation in order to coincide personal goals with the interest of the company. A company is only as good as its employees. Only when our highly qualified people are willing to give everything to produce the best product in the market, we can compete with our competitors the way the BMW Group currently does.

To ensure that BMW Group Mexico is the best cars and motorcycle provider in the super luxury segment, we are committed to our immediate environment and society as well as our network of distributors, to offer high quality services that are leading to the highest customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our vision is to provide and manage all processes and new technologies that BMW Group Mexico incorporates, to develop our employees personal, professional and technical skills in order to increase satisfaction in sales and after sales areas within our distributor network. We aim to expand our leadership year after year by reaching planned selling volumes and having the market share with the highest profitability.

With more than 200 employees, we specialize in Sales, Aftersales, Marketing, Finance, MINI, Motorrad, Dealer Development, IT, HR, Purchasing and Compliance. Since 1994 we have brought Sheer Driving Pleasure to Mexico and the world.

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