As the world's leading premium brand for cars, we of course also want to be the leading brand for ambitious, passionate, talented, open minded, and creative employees. For us to continue developing successfully we invest in the most important thing - people that make BMW better, and create goals and shared values that contributes to an engaged and positive corporate culture.

The picture shows some BMW employees talking enthustiastically.


'We' to us means acting together, inspiring each other and giving each other support. It is precisely this 'we-mentality' that characterises our passion, and allows us to write a piece of history every day.

At the BMW Group teamwork is essential when it comes to shaping the mobility of the future. We live trust and appreciation across all divisions and across all hierarchies, because we know that revolutionary innovations and unique products can only develop in an extraordinary corporate culture.


What does passion mean to us?

Passion means going beyond the beaten path to create solutions that have never before been imagined. Passion means sharing visions to shape the future of mobility. And above all, passion means joy. Because 'Sheer Driving Pleasure' arises from the joy of working. And that spurs us on to peak performance every day.

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We believe in supporting a progressive culture that allows all our associates to feel at home, enjoy equal opportunities and grow with us. That is why our culture is founded on 5 core values, which set the tone for how we work together and treat each other in order to empower us all – and foster a unique team spirit.


Meeting with two BMW employees.


We are excited by change and open to new opportunities. We learn from our mistakes in order to create our future. We take our colleagues' ideas seriously, because every little impulse can turn into something great.  

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We do not embellish, but point out contradictions constructively. We act with integrity and talk to each other. This is the only way to create trust and bring our visions onto the streets.

A trainer shows his apprentice the process.


We take consistent decisions and commit to them personally. This allows us to work freely and more effectively. By taking responsibility for our own projects, we can develop ourselves further personally.

The picture shows two BMW employees chatting in the office.


We trust and rely on each other. We are a team that sticks together and only grows together. This is essential if we are to act swiftly and achieve our goals which take us further.

A workshop employee shows something to her colleague.


We reflect on our actions, respect each other. Clarity, feedback and celebrating each other's success are crucial for a positive working atmosphere. Every individual makes a difference.

Get to know our team.

Find out what working at the BMW Group in the Nordics is like, by exploring the real experiences of colleagues in our region. Whether you are a school pupil, student, graduate, or experienced professional – every individual has their own tale to tell. Every career path is as unique as we are and yet, in the end, we all have on thing in common: passion. 


We use modern and efficient forms of working in all areas. These include collaboration, agile teams and the broad use of modern IT tools and innovative working environments. All of this enables more personal responsibility and also modern work-life integration. To achieve this, we use perfectly coordinated working environments, all forms of collaboration such as mobile working from home or on the road, and the entire range of modern IT tools. 

The image shows an employee at home working in homeoffice.

Remote working.

Our voluntary offer of mobile working has made it easier to combine private and professional life since 2013. Those who prefer to go to the office can do so at any time. Our colleagues can work from home or on the road. This offer is available to all talents whose job permits it.

The image shows a group at a training session.


We offer various trainings that give all talents the opportunity to continuously learn. Our teams are immersed in the world of hybrid collaboration of the future and are encouraged to expand their knowledge and skills on IT tools, ways of working and leadership. This also includes training impulses to maintain and promote health.

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Work-Life Integration.

We are all people with goals and needs – at work but also outside the company. The BMW Group helps us to organise our everyday lives even better and more efficiently. Changing the way we work together offers us new opportunities, creates additional freedom and enables us to achieve modern work-life integration. Numerous offers make it easier to combine work, family and leisure.

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Collaboration and new ways of working have gained in importance in recent years, because new ideas and innovations are created through personal exchange. With the working environment, we create the space for this, which is why our premises are ideally suited to the needs of the respective teams, their working methods and the working culture of the departments.


This video shows the culture of the BMW Group.
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