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The pictures shows an aerial view of Stockholm.


BMW's Nordic head office is home of two legal entities, 250 employees and is located in Silverdal. Our premises are modern and include lunch restaurants as well as access to a gym and daily workouts. There is a large parking facility with chargers for electric and hybrid cars, as well as good public transport opportunities.

Silverdal is a unique location with nature around the corner and Stockholm city only a 10 minutes’ drive away. If you want to take a jogging tour in the woods, a walk along the water or enjoy a good lunchbreak there are several options nearby.

Our common goal is to create a fun and easier everyday life for our employees. We are working in an atmosphere where we can be open and transparent to each other. By creating a trusting environment and at the same time reflect on our actions we are able to work freely and more effectively. Clarity, feedback and celebrating each other's success are also crucial for a positive working atmosphere. Every individual makes a difference.

Our office is location for both our national sales company, BMW Northern Europe, as well as BMW Financial Services. In Silverdal you find opportunities within all our job fields and we are constantly looking for new talents.

See where we work – OUR OFFICE IN SILVERDAL.

This picture shows the interior of a BMW office in sweden.
This picture shows the outside-view of a BMW office in Sweden.
This picture shows a MINI-Lounge inside a BMW office.


This picture shows Emma who works at BMW.




"I, as a student am very proud to be a part of BMW Sweden and the great opportunities it brings. I have the chance to develop my career in a company with a great vision, great brand but most important of all, great colleagues. I could not have asked for a better place to start my career. BMW really brings joy to the world of mobility."

HR at the BMW Group

This picture shows Johan who works at BMW.




"When my father told me BMW has the most energy sufficient vehicles, I wanted to learn more about the brand that could impress my father, and so far I am amazed. Not only by the products, but also the people here who are bringing ideas to life, making the great products as you see them in your everyday life. For over 15 years I had the pleasure to work close to the brand, and its core value JOY couldn’t be truer. As of today I’m working closer to my own passion, touching my soul, at BMW Motorrad."

Product Manager Motorrad

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