Two BMW employees working together on a sustainability project.


We aspire to be the most successful and sustainable premium producer for individual mobility. It is our clear intention to establish an increasing number of solutions for greater sustainability. To achieve this, we have set ourselves ambitious goals that have a decisive impact on our day-to-day activities – in terms of the sustainable development of urban areas, with regards to our products, the sphere of responsibility for people and in the field of production and value added chain. Bold visions and distant targets are fine and good because they provide orientation. However, what really matters is that we make an effective contribution to environmental and climate protection here and now. In order to implement concrete measures today as well as develop for the future and future generations, a strong and passionate team is the foundation.

The people working at the BMW Group are driven by making an impact and shaping transformation. As a premium car company, it is our ambition to lead the way in sustainability. With this mindset, the sustainability strategy of the BMW Group and the working environment provided, we will be able to tackle a variety of new challenges while growing personally. All this complies with the idea of sustainability, the underlying guiding principle – which can only be progressed with courageous colleagues that takes responsibility.

Sustainability is not just a trend for us. We take responsibility – here and today – and we will be taking sustainability to a whole new level.

das Bild zeigt ein Auto und einen Kolibri
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A MINI driving past the Eiffel Tower.

The BMW Group is firmly committed to the Paris Climate Agreement and a member for the Science-Based Targets Initiative. Further, we have pledged to be climate neutral by latest 2050. 

Silver BMW car frame being built by machines.

The circular economy is vital to reducing emissions and conserving natural resources. The BMW Group aims to build new vehicles with 50 % secondary raw materials. 

Hydropower facility surrounded by forrests.

The BMW Group continues to decrease their carbon emissions across all their locations. In 2022 the absolute carbon emissions generated were 7.9 % less than in the previous year.  

Girl drinking water.

The BMW Group champions social causes at a local level by working with employees and their local communities to achieve sustainable development and tangible change. 


Hand holding recycled materials in front of a larger pile of recylced materials.

To reduce the environmental impact, the BMW Group only uses electricity derived from renewable energy sources. Additionally, 99.3 % of the waste produced is recycled or reused. 

A deconstructed BMW car.

The BMW Group has organised over 2,800 points of return for end-of life vehicles in 30 countries and encourages the recycling and reuse of components and materials.

das Bild zeigt drei Mitarbeiter der BMW Group die auf einen Plan schauen.

The BMW Group pays strict attention to the extraction and efficient use of raw materials. Regular audits are conducted to ensure high standards throughout the supply chain. 

BMW Group fleet outside the Munich Headquarters.

We have set clear targets to reduce the CO2 emissions across the full lifecycle of a vehicle. By 2030 the BMW Group aims to reduce the carbon emission per vehicle produced by 80 %. 


A display of colourful vegan leather alternatives.

The BMW Group aims to further reduce CO2 emissions by using innovative high-quality leather alternatives and paints made with renewable raw materials. 


Sustainability is a complex issue. Many aspects play a role in how and where sustainability is successfully implemented. Experts from different fields talk about their jobs, their idea of a sustainable world and where the BMW Group currently stands: What are the challenges we face? What new solutions are there? And how do we successfully approach sustainable development and protect our environment?

The video gives insights into the work of Daniela.
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"Sustainability is leading the industry, and thus also our company. So, I personally truly believe that sustainability is our leading topic in the future."

Head of Sustainability Design BMW Group

The video gives insights into the work of Anna.
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"There is a lot of energy and willingness amongst my colleagues to step up and everyone is eager to change this business for the better."

Specialist Sustainability Interior

The image shows the engineer Eva.

"We have a great team working on the sustainable development of high voltage batteries and we always get the chance to have our own ideas implemented."

Testmanager High Voltage Battery

The image shows BMW Group employee Andrea who works in the supplier network department.

"Sustainability is something that I have personally followed for years. And to finally be able to do that professionally is really very exciting."

Senior Expert Sustainability Supplier Network

The image shows the engineer Samira standing next to an electric car.

"I am happy and proud at the same time to be part of this transformation as I really have a passion for technical innovations and for transformation projects."

Testmanager Electric Powertrain

The image shows a visual for the BMW Group Report 2022.

BMW Group Report 2022.

All facts and figures can be found in our current report.


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