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Search for jobs.

You can easily find the job search function in the Job Finder. You can browse our open positions in the job list, setting the search criteria that suit you. You can search by legal entity, job category, job type, country and location. Please note that depending on the method of accessing the job list, filters may already be set. If you select a job from the list, you can find a more detailed description of the given job opportunity in the "Job description" section. By clicking on the "Apply" button, you will go directly to our online admission system, where you can submit your application. You can apply for all positions listed on our website.


To create an applicant profile, you must register in our admissions system. Please first read our data protection statement, which describes how the BMW Group handles your personal data. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions, you can register. To register as a new user, you must choose a username and password, and then enter your e-mail address.

You can submit your application data in two different ways. The fastest way to upload your data is to enter your LinkedIn profile. If you choose this option, you will be taken to the LinkedIn login page. The system takes the most important information from your profile and uses it to automatically fill in some parts of the online application form. Please review your automatically entered data, then make any changes in the following steps. If you do not choose automatic filling, you must fill in the online application form manually. A detailed description of the deletion of data is contained in the data protection declaration. You can pause the application at any time, and you can also add or update data. Before you submit your application, the overview page containing your personal and professional data will appear, which you can change at any time.

Data protection is particularly important to us, and to ensure this, only you decide which BMW Group locations and legal entities can see your applicant profile. This should be addressed in the Preference section during the application process, specifying the appropriate venue(s) and organization(s). To enter the settings, select the BMW Group locations that can see your applicant profile. If you add the selected preferences to the list, the recruiters in the given country (or countries) will be able to see your applicant profile and will take it into account for the jobs that suit you. If you also want to limit the visibility of your profile to certain legal entities, you can do so on the third page of the settings. Please note: selecting a legal entity can be omitted if you want your profile to be visible to all entities in the selected country (or countries).

Upload the documents.

You can enter the online application system on our career page by clicking the "Apply" button. We ask that you describe your qualifications and skills accurately, honestly and in as much detail as possible. Also, please check that you have uploaded all relevant documents. The following documents are required for a successful online application:

• A CV that includes relevant information about your qualifications.

• Additional relevant documents for the given position (e.g. certificates, portfolio, performance records, etc.).

• Reference / letter of recommendation from previous employers - if available.

You can upload up to 5 files, each 10 MB in size.

You can send us your application for one or more positions.

You can view all our open positions in the Job Finder. By clicking the "Apply" button at the end of each position description, the system will take you to the application process in our admissions system. Your profile can only be seen by the BMW Group recruitment team if you submit your application, so once you've created your profile, don't forget to submit your application request. Good luck with your application!

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