Cooperation agreement between the BMW Group and the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre (DSZC).

Since the announcement of the opening of the new plant in Debrecen, the BMW Group has given particular attention to the need to create vocational training opportunities for the region's population. Since July this year, the Bavarian company has been working with the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre (DSZC), one of the region's most important vocational training institutions. Their program promoting dual vocational training also targets primary schools – in this spirit, an open day attracting more than 500 interested visitors was organized this week.

The BMW Group-DSZC held a joint occupational guidance event this week. On the automotive open day, the 7th and 8th class students of the primary schools, parents and teachers were able to learn about vocational training opportunities.

The BMW Group has launched its special vocational training in two DSZC institutions. The Brassai Sámuel Technical Vocational Grammar School offers occupational profiles for electrical and automation engineering, mechatronics, automotive mechatronics (systems and high-voltage technology), while the Mechwart András Vocational Grammar School of Engineering and Information Technology offers the occupational profile of information technology for systems integration. The theoretical background of the programs will be carried out by the two institutions while the practical vocational training within the framework of dual training will be provided by the BMW Group.

On the open day with more than 500 participants, the two schools presented the professional qualifications and outlined the skills, competences and prior knowledge required for the given profession. Furthermore the schools presented which technician and engineering careers are accessible to all the young people interested in these areas. At the event, BMW exhibited its new 1, 3 and electric i3 models.

Picture: Debrecen, MJV.

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