BMW Group Plant Debrecen is fully on schedule

The construction of first buildings of future BMW Group Plant Debrecen starts as planned. Péter Szijjártó, the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the mayor of Debrecen, Dr László Papp, and Hans-Peter Kemser, managing director of BMW Group Plant Debrecen, were informed onsite about the status of construction works. 
A BMW Group Gyár Debrecen építkezési területe madártávlatból, légifelvételről

This start of construction refers to buildings such as central office building, training center, data centers and further infrastructure buildings. In the course of the year, the construction-start of production buildings will follow.

Early June 2022, the laying of the foundation stone ceremony will take place onsite in Debrecen.

With the beginning of 2022, Hans-Peter Kemser took over as managing director for new plant in Debrecen. Kemser brings years of expertise in the fields of vehicle production and electromobility. He has been in charge of BMW Group Plant Leipzig between 2015 and 2021. 

BMW Group recruiting activities approaches next phase

Currently a team of experts in Debrecen and Munich is managing various human resources, real estate management, sustainability, financial and planning activities. 

To accompany the upcoming phase of construction, additional career opportunities will be offered. Current focus will be on job fields as plant construction, human resources, facility management, finance, purchasing and IT. As the focus is now the construction of first buildings, job offers will be connected to related job fields. Job assignment related to production will be offered at a later point of time. 

All local job vacancies will be released via BMW Group Plant Debrecen career page. Please note, that this is the only valid channel for recruitment activities. 

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