More and more buildings are getting recognisable at BMW Group Plant Debrecen construction site.

Debrecen, Hungary. The construction of BMW Group Plant Debrecen has entered a spectacular phase: driving along the M35 motorway, one can now see as the buildings are gradually taking shape.

BMW Group Plant Debrecen Groundbreaking 2022.

In case of the Communication Centre, which will serve as the plant’s central building, the structural shell is currently being completed, and the installation of internal building engineering elements has also been started. The Communication Centre will have a number of functions: it will house most of the plant’s offices, the Health Center providing healthcare for associates, as well as the canteen. 

Thousands of employees eat at BMW Group’s plants around the world every day and based on these experiences the restaurants are continuously improving their offerings and services. The canteen of the Debrecen unit will also benefit from this, as a varied menu and healthy meals, largely made from sustainable ingredients, will await employees. Furthermore, in the preparation of these dishes, particular attention will also be paid to food intolerances and allergens.

Work has also commenced on the interior of the Training Centre, the exterior shell of which will soon be completed. This building will host the dual training programme designed in cooperation with local educational partners, which will start in September 2023 with 100 apprentices joining the Debrecen team. Application is currently open, students from partner schools interested in the dual vocational training programme of BMW Group Plant Debrecen are warmly welcome to apply.

Construction work on the battery assembly unit announced in November 2022, which is about to create 500 jobs, is also progressing according to plan, with the pillars already forming the skeleton of the building. BMW Group’s sixth-generation battery cells will be assembled in this hall. These cells will later be installed in the floor pan of cars, to serve subsequently as the “heart” of the all-electric NEUE KLASSE models that are going to debut in Debrecen.

In addition to the construction, BMW Group Plant Debrecen is also intensifying its recruitment activities, currently seeking nearly 400 new hires for 70 different positions. The list of open positions is constantly updated, and the application form is available here.

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