Challenges, passion, innovation – there are many reasons why working for the BMW Group is so special. Being part of this global house of brand means meeting interesting new people and sharing the same beliefs and values with them: responsibility, appreciation, transparency, trust and openness. It means facing inspiring tasks, thriving for excellence and enjoying a multinational environment. Companies are made by teams – thus get to know some of our colleagues from around the world.

This picture shows Ema who works at BMW.

Customer Interaction Services Intern, Financial Services Japan

"Teamwork and trust are inevitable at BMW Group Japan. I really appreciate that my managers and colleagues trust me with the work and tasks I'm responsible for. Even though I'm ‘just an intern’, they treat me as if I was truly part of the One Team. My tasks go beyond just financial work, which is one of the things I enjoy most about my work – I reach out to other departments to fulfill the needs of our customers and doing so also helps me learn and get deeper insight into BMW Group’s products."

This picture shows Jaskirat who works at BMW.

Corporate Sales Manager, Alphabet GB.

"BMW UK recognised my willingness and intent to make an impact, and subsequently offered me an opportunity to represent BMW UK at the One Young World Summit 2022. The summit gives me a platform to learn from the best in the class and I am confident that the enhanced network, exposure that OYW offers will go a long way in me making an impact – both for the BMW Group and the wider community."

This picture shows Daiki who works at BMW.

MINI Product Marketing Intern, BMW Group Japan.

"One of the best things about BMW Group Japan is that you can talk face-to-face with people in the relevant departments. This is because you can seize opportunities that you never expected to have by building diverse relationships within the office. The internship here requires you to be proactive and grab what you want to do. Here, you will be surrounded by great colleagues and an environment that will always support you in taking on challenges."

This picture shows Anjali who works at BMW.

Head of CRM BMW Group India.

"Success is best when it is shared – my BMW journey has always been rewarding as the company offers not only great people to work with, great projects to deliver but also gives us opportunities to grow and reward in many ways like excellent facility, perks, positive vibes, cultures and great benefits for my personal career growth path. We all share BMW Group’s common vision of Leading in Transformation – Digital, Electric and Circular."

This picture shows Shizu who works at BMW.

Product Management Intern, BMW Group Japan.

"Not only have I learnt more about the automobile industry and the know-hows of a corporate environment, but BMW Japan has also taught me what it means to transition into a real-world adult from a student, and the value of making social relationships. Here, there are plenty opportunities to connect with other managers and explore tasks outside of your department. I can now confidently say that I have more clarity about the path I want to take in my life, and I owe it all to BMW Japan!"


Regional Head of Product Management, BMW Group Latin America.

"During my journey, I got to know different markets, cultures, business partners and colleagues across many countries, which is priceless and highly valuable for me as I love travelling and experiencing different cultures."

This picture shows Anantagej who works at BMW.

Manager e-Mobility, BMW Group Thailand.

“The future is electric and BMW is leading the path. Working at BMW allows me to sit in the front row of the new exciting electric era.”

This picture shows Jaime who works at BMW.

BMW Business Partner, Spain.

"To me, MINI is a brand in constant change and evolution towards the future – and like the Group, this makes every day a new adventure."

This picture shows Claudia who works at BMW.

Head of Indirect Purchasing Region America.

"This role is super exciting and challenging as my team is spread across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. The range of topics and the internationality make the job incredibly interesting and I love working with a diverse team."

This picture shows Gerardo who works at BMW.

Energy Management Coordinator San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

"The constant thrive for excellence, inside many multicultural and multidisciplinary teams, make every day new challenges and a new opportunities to become better. Also, the team’s passion for the brand, shows up in every single activity held towards the start of production."

This picture shows Ashlie who works at BMW.

Commercial Finance Credit Analyst USA.

"I value the relationships that I have built over the 14 years that I have worked here and enjoy the work/life balance including continued support for flexibility remotely and in the workplace."

This picture shows Kaname who works at BMW.

General Manager BMW Motorrad Japan.

"For me, BMW has also been the best car brand with a lot of good personal memories which was the primal reason for me to start dreaming of working at the BMW Group during my studies. After joining the BMW Group, I noticed that there is such a wide variety of career opportunities at BMW – not only task-wise but also location-wise – if you want."

This picture shows Hamid who works at BMW.

Managing Director of BMW Group Middle East.

"Thanks to tremendous communication and openness, I continue to feel supported from the grass roots level to top management at the BMW Group, which stimulates great feelings of loyalty towards the company."

This picture shows Marta who works at BMW.

Financial Services Business Development, Spain.

"What I like most about our working environment are the people, especially my team. We work very hard for the common goals, but at the same time we always try to keep our sense of humour."

This picture shows Danie who works at BMW.

Manager Business Intelligence & Analytics South Africa.

"I love the fact that, although we are based at the southern tip of Africa, I work in a ‘Global Office’. My teams deliver software for international customers, so I get to interact with people from over 20 different countries, almost every day. I learn so much through these interactions and really enjoy experiencing the different cultures."

This picture shows Tameka who works at BMW.

HR Services USA.

"When working at BMW, there is a lot of opportunity to work with skilled Colleagues, who each take pride in their work.  I feel like we’re all in this together and everyone wants to pull their weight."

This picture shows Lukas who works at BMW.

Product Strategy & Pricing Malaysia.

"I discovered that you can take over a lot of responsibility very early on, especially abroad. The teams are small, the hierarchies flat. I consider it a great privilege that my job also gives me the opportunity to get to know different cultures, countries and people."

This picture shows Roshinder who works at BMW.

Deputy Manager, Commercial Finance India.

"Until I came to BMW, I probably thought that culture was just one among several important elements in any organization's success — along with vision, strategy etc... However during my experience, I found that culture isn't just one aspect of the game, it is the game. My association did not just hone my professional skills but has also helped me grow personally. Proud to be part of BMW Group."

This picture shows Viviane who works at BMW.

Team Leader, Customer Advocate USA.

"My colleagues and the BMW family inspire me at work. I’ve being working at BMW Group for over 17 years and I am very thankful for the opportunity I had moving overseas. From Brazil to the USA, every single associate in this company is a delight to work with. I work with very diverse, passionate, and talented group of people that make the day to day easier and fun. Additionally, working in a position where I can come in every day and know that I will help those around me, get support from my peers and be able to smile throughout the day, is the most precious thing that a professional could wish for."

This picture shows Kevin who works at BMW.

Front Office IT Analyst, BMW Bank Spain.

"Working in BMW Group is very dynamic and challenging. There is continuous collaboration not only within different areas of the company and collaborators, but also with the headquarter and other markets, which leads into a very international and multicultural environment."

This picture shows Fanny who works at BMW.

Press Officer, Belgium.

"I have been able to manage large-scale national and local projects. From draft to reality – it is a long and uncertain road, but so exciting! I also learned a lot on a personal level. To overcome my fears, to dare to undertake and develop my ideas. Never before have I been able to develop my creativity as much as at BMW Group. They listen to my voice and my young vision of communication."

This picture shows Jordan who works at BMW.

Commercial Real Estate Credit Analyst, USA.

"My passion for BMW comes from a love of our cars.  BMW is an exceptional automotive company that creates products which bring joy to drivers. From motorcycles to cars, BMW makes extraordinary products. My Career Advice: Move out of your comfort zone, develop those necessary skills and go out for that much needed advancement."

This picture shows Krishnakumar who works at BMW.

Technical Planning Plant India.

"BMW takes care of its employees like own family members. BMW is not only a brand – it is a culture."

This picture shows Sarah who works at BMW.

Legal & Replevin Analyst, USA.

"Working at BMW provides great opportunities for learning and growing. BMW offers chances to listen and learn from Associates at all levels of the company. Including my time as a temporary associate, I’ve been with BMW 14 years and I’m happy to think about being here for at least 14 more."

This picture shows Teresa who works at BMW.

Customer Advocate – Bilingual, USA.

"This company is giving me the chance to prove my teaching abilities with new hires in my first language, Spanish. It is a pleasure for me teach everything I learned so far, with the objective that new generations value the importance of a bilingual job at international companies such as BMW. I love that BMW takes care of the Latin community and provides them with the best bilingual service. This is part of my job and my principal interest: give the best of me in every call attended."

This picture shows Praveen who works at BMW.

QMT-Exhaust India.

"BMW was my first employer on my professional career and I am very glad to be associated with the BMW Group for more than a decade. I grew myself professional and personally by practicing the BMW culture. I am very happy to be a part of the BMW Group’s sustainable goals towards future for the healthy breath."

This picture shows Paula who works at BMW.

Customer Service Advocate, USA.

"What drives my passion for my career at BMW is being part of an amazing global company that embraces change and challenges along with all people regardless of background.  BMW is agile and it enlists its employees as agents of change and partners; treats them with respect and listens to what they have to say.  It’s a rare opportunity to learn and grow in a supportive environment such as this.  I’m very proud of my journey with BMW.  I feel both challenged and supported! I can’t wait to see what is next."

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