The picture shows a laughing worker in the BMW production.


What makes working for us so special? We could tell you about our high scores in rankings of employer attractiveness. Or talk about how important it is for us to challenge each talent in order to support personal growth or how we provide an environment for top performance. We could explain why we appreciate every single character in individual diversity. Or point out how talents can make a meaningful and sustainable contribution while creating future mobility solutions. Or even describe, what it means to live passion together – every day anew. But in the end: You must experience it yourself.

Scroll down to find out more about our unique culture and what it’s really like to work with us from those who know best – us.


We create our culture while contributing to the pleasant working atmosphere of the BMW Group. Because we're highly aware of how valuable it is for all of our 120,000 creative minds worldwide to feel good and enjoy their jobs. But what’s the secret behind it? Learn more about the #bmwgrouplife.

The picture shows a BMW employee checking a car.
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The picture shows two laughing women enjoying a short break at a BMW office.
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Three BMW professionals, a female one and two male ones, are meeting in an office to discuss a new project.


There’s no better way to get a feeling for our working atmosphere than by having a look at it: Meet some of our colleagues and experience why shaping the future has a lot to do with creativity. 

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