To experience what working at the BMW Group is really like, you have to get to know the people who shape us and our culture. Meet some of our talents from all around the world and find out what inspires them and hear about their reasons to work at the BMW Group. 

Watch us. Meet us. Play with us.

There is no better way to get a feeling for our working atmosphere than by having a look at it. Meet some of our colleagues playing CARds and experience, why shaping the future has a lot to do with creativity. 

Daniela, Head of Quality Commodity Wheel Control & Vertical Dynamic System.
Martin, Process Consultant.
Augustina, Group Leader Integration and Design of Modular Systems


This picture shows Alvin who works at BMW.

"The APAC region is a vibrant and rapidly developing area, characterised by its diversity, economic growth, technological innovation and unique blend of ancient traditions and modern influences. This is what makes working here so special for me!"

Homologation Specialist.


This picture shows Akani who works at BMW.

"Everything we do is filled with colour. Especially in the area of digital workspace, there are new challenges every day in which we support our users. At BMW, there are a lot of opportunities to grow. On my way from Operations Manager to Team Leader, I was always encouraged by the people around me."

Workspace Delivery Manager.

This picture shows Franzisca who works at BMW.

"I chose to work in IT because the world is developing extremely fast, and the role of IT is becoming increasingly important. For me, my job at BMW is really special because we put our hearts into everything we do."

Business Manager

This picture shows Dung who works at BMW.

"The atmosphere in the team is very familiar, everyone helps each other and supports each other – this makes the work particularly fun."

Maintenance Specialist.

This picture shows Waki who works at BMW.

"I think what makes BMW Japan Corp. so unique is that it skillfully combines a Japanese company's sense of teamwork with a foreign company's focus on individual results and incentives, regardless of age."

Corporate Sales Japan.

This picture shows Kaname who works at BMW.

"For me, BMW is the best car brand with a lot of good personal memories which was the primal reason for me to start dreaming of working at the BMW Group. After joining the BMW Group, I noticed that there is such a wide variety of career opportunities at BMW – not only task-wise but also location-wise – if you want."

General Manager BMW Motorrad Japan.


This picture shows Anjali who works at BMW.

"My BMW journey has always been rewarding as the company offers not only great people to work with, great projects to deliver but also gives us opportunities to grow and reward in many ways like excellent facility, perks, positive vibes, cultures and great benefits for my personal career growth path."

Head of CRM BMW Group India.

This picture shows Fanny who works at BMW.

"I have been able to manage large-scale national and local projects. From draft to reality – it is a long and uncertain road, but so exciting! I also learned a lot on a personal level. Never before have I been able to develop my creativity as much as at the BMW Group."

Press Officer BMW Group Belux.

This picture shows Gerardo who works at BMW.

"The constant thrive for excellence, inside many multicultural and multidisciplinary teams, make every day new challenges and a new opportunities to become better. Also, the team’s passion for the brand, shows up in every single activity held towards the start of production."

Energy Management Coordinator San Luis Potosi.

This picture shows Tameka who works at BMW.

"When working at BMW, there is a lot of opportunity to work with skilled colleagues, who each take pride in their work. I feel like we’re all in this together and everyone wants to pull their weight."

HR Services USA.

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