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Every single member of our team works incredibly hard, which is greatly appreciated. Our comprehensive benefits package is a way of giving back. From employee vehicle programmes to a high work-life balance due to flexible working time models – we offer a variety of attractive benefits across the world. For more information on country-specific benefits, please check out the map.

What we offer.

Striking a healthy balance between work and personal life is important to us. It keeps us motivated and productive in the long term and thus contributes to our company's success. We support our employees in this aim: through flexible working time models, with care obligations towards dependents, assistance with child care and provision of services and facilities promoting fitness and health.



With our paid holiday, we always have enough time to pursue our wanderlust. Whether we feel like visiting countries abroad or just exploring our homeland, there’s no reason to rush.

From our balcony or the mountains to exotic beaches, with the amount of free time we can explore, relax, recharge our batteries and simply enjoy life wherever we are.

We give special priority to the needs of women and men who wish to devote more time to the family on a temporary basis and also to employees with care obligations towards dependents. Far beyond the legal requirements the BMW Group offers employees the possibility of working flexibly: e.g. the options range from working from home or flexitime days through non-working shifts.

As performance is highly valued at the BMW Group, we offer our talents performance-related pay that far exceeds legal and collectively agreed requirements. And holiday pay makes every trip even more enjoyable, but that’s not all by far.

Every talent wants to develop both personally and professionally. We actively support the desire to grow in every aspect. For instance, we help our talents to qualify for roles at a higher level or for international assignments.

We experience the mentoring guidance from superiors, who love to discuss our career objectives with us. From personal development and intercultural programmes to management qualifications – our exciting training opportunities help us to keep pushing forward. Moreover, we value the independent structuring of individual career development.

Discovering that unique go-kart feeling – or simply enjoying sheer driving pleasure: all our colleagues have the opportunity to drive their very own BMW or MINI on particularly attractive terms.

This way, for many talents enjoying work already starts on the way to the office. With our vehicle configurator, we can create our dream car according to our own wishes and then buy it at an attractive discount – it’s also possible to finance or alternatively lease it. But that’s not all, as we can also benefit from special conditions on a wide range of used cars.

We want to keep our talents in the best of health. We have our own company healthcare service, which includes preventative measures, stress management, nutritional advice and health training, such as a cardiac sports group.

Our medical officers always have time for us: whenever we need medical advice, we can just drop in. We also provide medical screening, vaccinations as well as first-aid kits before business trips abroad and a lot more.

Depending on the country, we offer our talents additional benefits. For detailed information on country-specific benefits, please check out the map.


what our colleagues say.

the picture shows Bettina a colleague from BMW Germany

"Working with and developing young colleagues is one of my most valuable experiences, but there came a time when my family, especially my little daughter, was about to be my new centre of happening. BMW gave me the chance to work part-time and with a great work-life-balance, I was able to get both responsibilities under control."


the picture shows Stefan a colleague from BMW Germany

"The offer of working as an expatriate in China with our joint venture partner Brilliance to set up a similar optimisation programme seemed like a unique opportunity to me. Together with my wife, I finally threw myself into this adventure."


the picture shows Mirja a colleague from BMW Germany

"I go to work by car, I am currently driving a BMW 4 Series. As BMW employees, we have the privilege of participating in a vehicle leasing programme – not only an amazing benefit but also a great opportunity to experience the brand and our entire fleet."


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