The picture shows a woman using her laptop and laughing.
The picture shows a woman using her laptop and laughing.

The right application.

Here you will find some tips & tricks for your job application. Whether you are in school, a graduate or experienced professional. We wish you all the best for your application!


Our selection process should enable all parties to make an informed decision. It should not only allow us to find out whether an applicant is right for us, but also allow the applicant to see whether they can imagine working with us in a specific role.

Depending on the applicant’s entry level and desired occupation, we’ll use a variety of selection criteria and selection tools to assess each candidate.

At the start of each selection process we will consider the job requirements of the specific position. From these we’ll develop our selection criteria, and decide how to best measure these criteria in order to reach a decision.


Depending on the position, we work with an individual set of criteria in the pre-selection and final selection. In the end, it’s the candidate’s overall impression that counts – this depends on how well the knowledge, characteristics and abilities of the candidate fit our defined requirements. We are always looking for qualified candidates regardless of gender, age, cultural background, sexual orientation or disability.  All applicants are welcome.

However, a few basic requirements play a role in the applicant pre-selection:

  • Relevant work experience, e.g. from prior employment, internships, etc. is highly relevant.
  • Very good knowledge of one or several Nordics languages and English are required for most positions. Depending on the nature of the position, additional language skills may be required.

We will not consider incomplete or incorrect applications. All documents required in the job advertisement must be included. We will also exclude any applications where false information has deliberately been stated e.g. untruthful indication of better grades.

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